Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Am I Really That Desperate?

Am I really that desperate that I would respond to this e-mail from the same guy who also wrote this post?

From: Missed Connection
To: Phatgirl
Subject: What up yo

Hope all is well whitcha. just deletin contacts, thought i'd say what's up.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Why yes, yes I would. As soon as I told my roomie about it I realized how ridiculous it was to respond. But in my defense I am kind of curious about the Palm Pre. I didn't even think about why someone would send someone an e-mail if you were deleting contacts. It could imply "If you don't respond to this e-mail, I am deleting you." His other e-mails were grammatical gold mines as well, but I will refrain from posting those.

I am laughing right now that I even responded. If he does e-mail back I won't respond, but I may post for your enjoyment if it is a good one. For any guys out there, I really am not a b*tch. I swear.

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Child of God said...

his grammar, spelling, and over all lack of mastery of the English language is horrific.