Thursday, July 17, 2008

The NYC Update

So last Tuesday I left work and headed straight to the airport for my much anticipated less than 48 hour OMG I am going to meet John Mayer trip. I got to the airport and waited in line at the United counter. The desk agent made an announcement that any people flying through Dulles (Me!Me! I used a frequent flyer flight here people or otherwise I would have booked the non-stop on American...) So there was a flight delay and they re-booked me on the American flight I originally wanted. Yeah! Except for the 2 hour delay. So I grabbed an awesome and healthy dinner of black beans, rice, and Mexican salad and surfed the interweb. I broke down and paid the $9.95 for 3 months of unlimited internet. I figured I would be flying enough over the next 3 months to get some use out of it. Use out of it I did, I used it in NYC and ORD on my way home. Ok, anyway I caught up on my match emails (wait? what? I joined match again...another story for another day). So even though I was on the non-stop I didn't end up getting into LGA until after 1 AM. I caught a cab to my friends place in Astoria. The cab driver got lost...I finally got there and caught up with Jenny staying up much later than I should have.

We got up super early and got the train into the city. She stopped at Dunkin Donuts while I opted for Jamba. It's a good thing Nashville doesn't have one because if we did I would be getting the strawberry nirvana smoothie a lot. I have done a lot of the touristy things in the city and the tour into the Statue of Liberty was sold out. So we opted of the double decker tour around the city. While our tour guide was bad, we made the best of it and had a blast. We grabbed lunch in Madison Square Park at the Shake Shack where we waited in line for about 30 minutes. I skimmed through Stuff White People Like and just in case you had any doubts I am indeed white. We headed back to Astoria and got ready for the show. We took a train back into the city and caught the Long Island Railroad out to Jones Beach.

Once at the Amphitheater we met up with the production assistant who told us how it was all going to shake down. John Mayer would come out, sign 1 autograph and take one picture. The PA took the picture. The PA was like 5'2 hence the reason for the awful angle. The whole encounter lasted about 15 seconds. I am not a big autograph person, so I got something signed for someone else.

Brett Dennen and Colbie Caillat opened. Eh, I can take 'em or leave and for the most part we left them. There was the threat of rain and about 15 minutes before JM was to take the stage it down poured. Thank God we bought ponchos. No thank God I decided to save $1 and bought a child's poncho. No good on my already large/tall frame. The rain stopped a few minutes before he took the stage. However into the second song it started raining again. He changed up the set and played Covered in Rain. How fitting. The show was great, however I do feel he could play a little longer. And he could play Tracing. Doesn't he know how badly I want to hear this song live?!?!

I got up early the next morning and headed to the airport. Flight delays on my connection in Chicago. Didn't get back to Nashville until about 2:30 when I should have been back around noon. Oh well. I had a blast and I am so glad I took the trip.

Nothing to do with Weight Loss

All, I can say is I am so glad I am moving out in about 48 hours. My current place is a crap hole, my roommate controls the thermostat like a nazi, which is ridiculous since our place is so small and our electric bill (even when it's "high") is a joke". I woke up SWEATING last night, and this is not the first night it has happened. I know, I know, you are probably saying "just get a fan!" I have a fan and it doesn't cool things down.

Yeah to say I am excited to move out would be an understatement.... I could say a few choice things about her ideals, beliefs, future plans, etc. but I will just keep those to myself...

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I need to update from my trip to NYC, but I am slightly stressed out right now. Money, moving, and traveling. Why did I wait until the last minute to attempt to redeem my southwest flight is beyond me, now I might have to use 2 if I can't find something cheap (which most like will NOT happen).

I tried the bridesmaid dress on again yesterday. While it zips up, it is a little too snug to wear a bra. I was blessed with a small chest so I will be able to get away with it if need be. So I am back to basics for the next month. That means journaling food and exercise and approximately counting points. I was 197 this morning. I am pretty thankful it is not back over 200. Yesterday went pretty well. I could have drank more water and skipped the 2 jack and diet cokes I had after dinner.

Do any of you use quicken to budget/track personal finances? I am looking for some budgeting software and I have a mac. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!