Sunday, July 13, 2008


I need to update from my trip to NYC, but I am slightly stressed out right now. Money, moving, and traveling. Why did I wait until the last minute to attempt to redeem my southwest flight is beyond me, now I might have to use 2 if I can't find something cheap (which most like will NOT happen).

I tried the bridesmaid dress on again yesterday. While it zips up, it is a little too snug to wear a bra. I was blessed with a small chest so I will be able to get away with it if need be. So I am back to basics for the next month. That means journaling food and exercise and approximately counting points. I was 197 this morning. I am pretty thankful it is not back over 200. Yesterday went pretty well. I could have drank more water and skipped the 2 jack and diet cokes I had after dinner.

Do any of you use quicken to budget/track personal finances? I am looking for some budgeting software and I have a mac. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


anna said...

hey...just catching up with your blog. i've been out for a while. nice pic with make a cute couple! heh heh.


Krissie said...

We have quicken and I love it. We have it for our old PC so we only paid $20 for it. We are debating if we are going to buy it for the Mac 'cause our pc is about to die.

But - yes - quicken is good.

You will rock that dress, by the way.

goodbyetoallfat said...


Thanks so much for the *brilliant( comment you left on my blog and the link to the flikr photos.

As it was such a fantastic link, I have actually updated my blog and included it at the end with a mention and link to your blog.

Many many thanks.

MizFit said...

dont panic :) just do what you said about the returning to whatcha know and you'll be set!

I love that you, as I, think the small chest is a blessing :)


Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

We've used Quicken before but prefer something that keeps us a little more engaged. If you want something simple, PearBudget is nice.