Monday, November 09, 2009

A Week From Today

A week from today I will be in the Big Apple waiting 24 more hours to see John Mayer. And my mom will be on her way back home after her first trip to NYC EVER!

Why am I going to NYC, besides to get to play with my mom? Well, my guiltiest of pleasures, John Mayer, is having a CD release show at the Beacon Theater on November 17. And I am going. And I have 7th row center tickets. And it is going to be broadcast on Fuse. And maybe you will see me on TV?

Stay tuned for what else I plan to get into on my first trip to NYC since July 2008!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sunday Funday

Started of the day with a great 70 minute walk around the neighborhood.

Brunch on the east side with a great friend where I three mimosas and an amazing entree of beef spare ribs, potatoes, and a side salad. We also split a bread basket with such spreads as Nutella, honey, butter, apple butter, and peanut butter. Before going I told myself I wasn't going to drink or have the bread basket even though it was one of my favorite things. But you know what? I don't drink mimosas often and I don't go to this restaurant often enough. So no hard feelings toward myself for indulging. Many laughs were had over the 2 hours we were there.

At this point I wanted to do something outside since the weather as amazing, but instead I fell asleep at home for two hours. Whoops. Once I woke up I was heading out to the grocery store when a change of plans occurred. I headed to the bar to meet another friend and watch the Titans/SF game and the Saints/Carolina game. While at the bar I ate dinner and had another beer. Totally unplanned, and soon after the one beer I realized I didn't need to be drinking anymore and switched to diet coke.

Hit the grocery store to pick up ingredients for lunch and dinner for the rest of the week. I eat well when I hit the grocery store on Sunday.