Monday, August 22, 2005

I had this ah ha moment at the gym when I found the perfect lyrics to describe how I had been feeling a lot lately. I just updated my iPod last night so I finally got to listen to all the new CDs I had bought over the summer closer and not just on speakers at my desk.

I was listening to the new Jason Mraz album: Mr. A-Z and "Song For a Friend" came on and part of this song just seemed so perfect for how I have been feeling:

"if you stumble on to something better
you better remember that it's humble that you seek
you got all the skill you need
you got something call it gumption
call it anything you want
because when you play the fool now you're only fooling everyone else "

I know his CD hasn't gotten rave reviews, but I think you should seriously check it out if you haven't already.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

I have come to a realization that this weight loss journey needs to be about myself. I am doing this for me and not anyone else. I think I started my jounrey out with this reasoning, but I think it has slowly taken a turn down the wrong road. I think I still want to do this for myself, but also these new reasons have started popping up, that I am not necessarily ok with any more- To make so and so jealous or so and so will be sorry they turned me down, etc. My new goal besides doing this to healthier is to try not to think about what other people are thinking about me and my weight loss journey.

I am pretty sure this week will not be good on the scale. I did not weigh in last week and I haven't been sticking to my points range. I have however been keeping up with my excercise.