Saturday, February 23, 2008


Today has been crappy. I guess it is my own doing. My presentation went fine. My choices, however, were not. I had one fun size bag of peanut M&Ms and 1/2 fun size bag of plain M&Ms during the 4 hours of presentations. For lunch I had 2 slices of veggie pizza and 4, yes 4, huge chocolate chip cookies. You know, the soft chewy kind from Costco. Then I went to the gym for 2 hours. This evening I ate dinner at Panera (Broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl and I ate the whole thing). Then I went to the mac store...and my pictures are not on my computer. They are not on the server at the store. And the guy who helped me last time wasn't working. He is supposed to call me tomorrow. I really wanted to cry. Like I could feel my face getting hot. I know there are just pictures, and a lot of them are backed up through flickr, but about 6 days of my South Africa pictures are not :( I went to target to buy toilet paper and came out with candy including whoppers. I ate probably half the bag. They weren't as good as I remember and I am going to throw the rest away. Also, there were an insane amount of couples in the store. That is so not what I want to see right now.

Pitty of one.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Snacky Snacks

This afternoon all I have wanted to do is snack. I have a feeling it comes from eating a lunch of just fruit. I went to the gym during lunch and had a meeting shortly there after. When I got back to my office I just ate an orange and an apple. Then the snacking started. One tiny bag of my favorite Easter candy: Cadbury Mini Eggs which a a solid milk chocolate with a crisp sugar shell :) Then, two 100 calorie candy bites and a russell stovers chocolate coconut nest. My stomach was hurting a little bit ago. I am probably going into a sugar coma.

Tonight I have a group meeting at 6. Hopefully it won't last more then 2 hours. I'll probably go home and crash. Tomorrow from 9-2 I have a class meeting :( This is for an integrated class and it is all presentations. It is going to be a long and boring day. Oh and just to make it a little more difficult there are snacks on the table and pizza for lunch! The plan for me is to keep my retainer in the whole day and only eat pizza for lunch. I might bring my own snacks too. I will go to the gym after and then I have a 7 PM appointment at the mac store. They reset the master password on my computer and I have no clue what is is, plus I still can't find my pictures. There is 25 gb of something on my computer and I know my documents folder is not that large.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pictures of The Outfit

Lunch was fun and it was good to catch up. My roommate took this picture (she's shorter then me) and our duplex is crappy and the lighting is crappy. When the waitress came to ask if we were together or separate I said without even thinking about it "separate" while he said "together". The waitress sort of shrugs and walks off. She comes back with one check and he has his credit card out. I told him that really wasn't fair and he's like "we can split it next time." So anyway, it was nice. I felt good about myself and I had a healthy lunch.

Here it is:

The Outfit

So I thought long and hard while I was in the shower and decided on a black dress with grey tights and my black boots. Since the dress isn't too dressy, but has these flutter sleeves, I wanted a jacket or something to go over it. I paired it with my new denim cropped jacket from Anthropologie. I already had compliments on how great the jacket is this morning so I think I made the right choice :)

I even convinced him to go to a place where I can get a huge salad!

Two of my student workers just came into my office and commented on my outfit. One even said about 2 months ago I started dressing really trendy and I looked good. They noticed!

Esther I am calling you out!

This post is dedicated to you! You must go to this show! Oh and I am booking my flights to MSP for May 16-20, will you be there at least one of the days I will be there???

Oh how I wish I could go to this:

After a successful first edition in 2006 (including Jamie Cullum), JOHN MAYER, DONAVON FRANKENREITER and ROOM ELEVEN will make their appearance during this special festival in the Hague Zuiderpark on June 22. The full line-up will be published soon.

Headliner John Mayer will be no less than a half-long show away. Mayer is a fantastic. He conveys a special charisma while he stands on stage and each track is played with feeling. This combination produces a magical show. His last show in the Netherlands was also sold out within 10 minutes. His most recent album 'Continuum' won two Grammy Awards.

After his last sold-out concert in Amsterdam at Paradiso Donavon Frankenreiter is looking forward to his next show in the Netherlands. He, together with his band, is currently busy with the recording of his third studio album.

Room Eleven just released their sophomore album. The album 'Mmm… Gumbo?' Comes out on March 14 and contains a catchy mix of jazz, pop, funk, blues and a touch of folk. It was recorded with none other than Dayna Kurtz and her regular producer Randy Crafton.

These bands, an island in the park, roses, sandwiches and friends are the ingredients for a perfect day out during PICNIC IN THE PARK.

Doors open: 13:00h
Commencement program: 14:00h

Admission: € 49, - (Excluding service).
Tickets start next Saturday, February 23.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cheesecake Factory

So last week I made plans to get dinner with one of my old roomies. We decided tonight was the night. I originally picked a place in the Village because it was close to work. Then I decided it might be better to meet near the mall because I had to pick up my laptop. (which they told me they had salvaged my documents and my pictures, but I currently can't see my pictures, I have no clue where to look,.. this is a potential warning sign for a major meltdown, but I just have too much shit to deal with right now. LIke the paper I need to write tonight. But I am blogging instead?) Back to dinner plans. I have been craving some strawberry shortcake from the cheesecake factory for a LONG time. I asked my friend and she was all about the change! yeah, success!

Before I went to the mall I decided to get a manicure and try a new place near the mall. I didn't want to drive 20 minutes away and then drive back to go to the mall so I could go to the other place I like. I walk in and tell them I just want a manicure and I sit down. The technician informs me that Taylor Swift and Kellie Picker are in there. Sure enough I look over and they are both getting a pedicure. Sitting next to me them was an older gay man with the biggest smirk on his face. I think I found my new place to go. I could care less about the celeb sighting. My technician was awesome, my nails look great, and most importantly this was the cleanest place yet!!!

Dinner. I didn't order an entree. I didn't eat the bread. I ate about 3/4 of my strawberry shortcake and it was glorious! I made the right choice. I wasn't overly stuffed like I normally am. I ate what I love and I have no regrets.

I need to pick out a hott outfit for my lunch tomorrow. I am having lunch with the ex. While I know we are just friends and we will never get back together, I still want to look good. This should be interesting, especially since I still need to write that paper ;)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I am sure if I wasn't so lazy I could go and find a very similar post from this time last year at my old personal blog about my laptop. The only difference is brand. Last year it was a Dell. This year it's a mac. I attempted to install Leopard on Friday. Something didn't go right so I made an appointment at the Genius Bar for Saturday afternoon. We got it back up and they told me I needed to transfer my files from my previous system to my new system. While attempting to do that yesterday I realized my computer was f'd and made another Genius bar appointment for 8:15 this morning. Chris who helped me on Saturday helped me again. Amazingly my computer started up and he agreed to help me back up to my hard drive even though they said they don't normally help with that. At this point I realize I am going to be late for a class observation, but there wasn't much I could do. When the time machine back up didn't work, he told me, "Your hard drive is the devil." Chris is now trying to save my files and install a new hard drive. So please, please, please back up all your files. I have a lot of stuff backed up. EXCEPT for about 6 days in South Africa... Through it all I remained calm. What else was I going to do?

*side note: I just told my best friend who live in NYC and could possibly be moving back to Nashville, that I have no clue if I will be living here or staying here if she comes back. Surprisingly with all the stress, I don't have an urge to plow into a bag of candy.

Ok, so hopefully I will have a working computer by tomorrow. Did I mention it is the busiest time in the school semester for me???

On teeth. So this is my third time getting braces. I had the metal kind twice when I was younger. I also have a missing tooth and a peg tooth. No one really knows unless I tell them about it. Since I have a missing tooth I wear a flipper (sort of like a retainer) with a fake tooth in it. It is weird, annoying, and I just want something permanent. Something that won't fly out of mouth while dancing at a wedding reception. Yes, this actually happened and my mom and I laughed SO hard about it. So, hence the reason for the dental implant. I didn't get the implant done in high school because if it got knocked out while playing sports it would have been a waste of a couple thousand dollars. I have to have me teeth straight before I can get it the implant, hence the reason for braces again.

And please pray for my computer.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekly Weigh In

I am down to 191! Ahh yeah! I am sure it would have been a pound or so more had I not had the run in with Mexican food last night. However, I don't know how realistic it would have been...

I was thinking about my Mexican all stuff-my-face- meal last night and thinking back on it, it was almost like an out of body experience. My friends and I made plans to meet up at 6:30 for dinner. Due to a 2 for 1 special, several large parties, and the Monday holiday we waited for close to an hour instead of the 20 minutes we were told. So by the time I sat down I was ravenous. I knew I should not have been eating the chips with the speed which I was, but that didn't stop me. I was overwhelmed by the menu because I hadn't been there before and all I could think of was FOOD, FOOD, FOOD, get in my belly. So I got a chicken burrito. When it came, it was huge. It easily could have been 2 or 3 meals. I knew I should have not eaten the whole thing, yet I kept eating... So when I got home I was completely stuffed. I knew that if I had eaten like that at lunch I would have been too full to eat dinner. I went to bed not feeling that great. Besides the night sweat I broke out in and had to turn the fan on in my room, I slept great.

I got up early for my dentist appointment. I got my first invisalign tray. I only have to wear them about 5 months. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! This makes me incredibly excited and mean I might be able to start the dental implant surgery sooner (end of summer) rather then later (next year) AND get $2000 from insurance for it. So I can't eat with the thing in. Thus makes snaking a little hard. I usually have 2-3 snacks a day at my desk. I think I am going to need to bring a tooth brush to work as well. This could get interesting because 1. I am lazy and don't want to have to brush my teeth a gazillion times a day and 2. I love to eat. Also, at the dentist office the chick who helps me (and also does WW) could tell I have lost weight! Yeah! I haven't seen her since the first week of January. So people are noticing!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Oh Mexican Food How I have missed you!

So I had Mexican tonight. I have been wanting it for some time. I ate a big mama chicken burrito and chips to my hearts content. And I am paying the price right now. My stomach is stuffed, but let me tell you that guacamole was so good. All my food choices otherwise for the day were fine. I even made it to the gym. I was going to take the day of, but I went to the gym after my group meeting for about an hour and a half.

Tomorrow I am getting my invisalign braces at 8 AM. Then I have a meeting for the case study I am writing. So I will be going into work a little late tomorrow. I think I will also be taking the day off from the gym as well. I am expecting to remain in the 190's due to the Mexican I just ate and I am ok with that.

Thank you!

Thank you Becky at Diet Coke and Zingers for nominating me for this award! Recognition really means a lot. Being tall and blond rocks too ;)

I am nominating two bloggers who I absolutely adore and have read for quite some time now.

Christie at The Art of Change is one of my favorites. I think I have been reading her blog since I started this whole weight loss thing. She has had her ups and downs, but always has such a positive outlook. Check her out!

Krissie at Questions for Dessert is another one of my favorite blogs. She has great taste in music! Has made some difficult career decisions in the past couple of months and has realized her health is important. She also has an addiction to Starbucks drinks much like my addiction to Diet coke. She is just as nice in person as she is online. Check her out too!

There are no rules you can nominate whoever you would like :)