Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Love Affair

I am in love with food. Every country I went to in Europe this past week, there was at least 1 food that I had to eat.

In Paris it was crepes with Nutella spread, bread, and wine. In Belgium it was french fries, chocolate, beer and waffles oh my! In the Netherlands it was these tasty pancakes that I can never remember the name of but I have them every time I go.

It is pretty simple. I enjoy good food. So I really needs to stop eating the crap that is not as delictable as the food that I could eat.

Anyway, I caved and bought a jar Nutella at the grocery store and it is now almost gone....I don't think I will make that mistake again. Nutella is best served on a hot crepe eaten while walking down a Paris Street.

So, I need to seriously get my butt back in gear. I was 200 when I left and 199 on Monday. I am going to say it is a fluke and *try* really hard the rest of the week to eat well.

Oh and I know this is really superficial, but I had a thought while I was in Europe that even when I feel and look my worst at my current weight, it is so much better then I ever looked at my heighest.

Next Wednesday night can not get here soon enough. The next 2 months after that will be the months of me. No classes and the only commitment is kickball on Thursday nights. I am going to get my butt back in the gym. My goal is to be back at 187 by the first day of Summr- June 21. Yes, I know setting goals like this isn't always the best, but I think I need one right now.

Hope you all are doing well!