Friday, April 27, 2007

Working for the Weekend

Technically it is the weekend. However, I am covering an event and I won't get out of work until about 10:30 PM or later =(

My eating yesterday wasn't the best. I ate a huge bowl of granola after I had eaten my grapefruit and half of my cheerios. Then I had 1/4 of a co-workers quesadilla which was way too greasy. For dinner I went to the Cheesecake Factory with my roomate. I did get the soup/salad/sandwhich combo which was very yummy. However, next time I go I will make a few modifications. I had asked for dressing on the side and they put it on top. Next time I will send it back. They put no mayo on the sandwhich. The soup was a vegetable chicken. It had tortilla strips and cheese on it. Next time I will ask a little bit more about the soups. We split the strawberry shortcake 3 ways. It is by far my favorite dessert there. I love it more then the cheesecake =)

Today, I had a cinnamon roll waiting for me on my desk. I just didn't have the willpower to not eat it. So the grapefruit is still in the fridge. I wanted to grab takout so bad about an hour ago, but then I remember how icky I would feel after I would finish the food. So I just finished up my steamed veggies and baked potato. I have carrot sticks and my leftover grapefruit waiting for me if I need a snack.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Everything in Moderation

Things are going really well right now. I am getting up and going to the gym every morning. I am eating better and my clothes are starting to fit again! While I am still trying to do the no bread thing, I am not as strict about my diet as I was when I was doing this last year. I am trying for moderation here folks. I think I have been pretty successful. I am leaving food on my plate. Savoring desert if I do have it, etc.

I am a little worried about the weekend since I am supposed go out to a few resteraunts that I absolutely love. I just need to remember everything in moderation =)