Saturday, January 21, 2006

So I ended up going to Pei Wei for dinner last night. I did fine with dinner. I had a bowl of wonton soup and about 1/3 of my Spicy Chicken. Later I went out with some friends to my favorite bar ( how could you not love a place that played the whole JM3 album while I was there???) and I had 1 light beer and then I started drinking diet coke. However, when I cam home I finished off my spicy chicken =(

I debated if I should go to the gym this morning, but after the late night eating fest last night it pretty much sealed my fate that I would be going this morning. I had a great 2 hour work out. I did weights for about 50 minutes and the a little over an hour of cardio. I just made my self a great lunch of refried beans, sauted peppers, onions, and chicken, with 2 corn tortillas. Yum!

Friday, January 20, 2006

I have come to the conclusion that I can not give up diet soda. I just can't do it. If I drank like 6 or 8 day that might be in issue, but 1 or 2 I am fine with. I don't keep it at my house I just like to have one at work either in the the morning or in the afternoon. When I buy it, it is a chance to get a way from my desk and walk around. I brought my lunch and will be eating in today. I also will be eating dinner at home. I think I am going out to one of my favorite bars tonight, but I will not be drinking. I will just have myself a diet coke =)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I am in a really bad mood today. I think I am PMSing.

I just looked at the Chipotle website and the closest one to me is in Lexington which is a good 3 hours away. If I didn't have class tonight I think I would have considered driving for the single purpose of getting a burrito. Yes...I have a problem with food.
I am really trying hard today. I woke up late, but I was still determined to hit the gym. I decided I was only going to do my cardio workout. I ran a mile and then walked 3.5 more. My biggest success today has been eating my lunch that I prepared last night. I cooked some frozen pepper mix in a pan with some chicken and added some burrito seasoning for a yummy low point lunch option (3). I added a half cup FF refried beans (2), 2 corn tortillas (2), and RF string cheese (1). I also had 1! piece of peppermint nougat candy. I am guessing it was 1 point, but it has been a while since I have looked at the bag.

On tap for dinner I brought a lean cuisine chicken in peanut sauce wich is so yummy and I added some broccoli and grean beans. I have class tonight and I don't want to rush home to eat dinner and then come back.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

After Chubbs and Christie mentioned SparkPeople in their blogs recently I decided to check it out. It is great and so far in this whole weightloss jouney might be one actual online resource I will continually use and not just use for a while and then flake. However, I think I will not pay attention to the whole whole spark points deal because if I do I know I am setting myself up for failure. Those type of rewards just don't do it for me. Also, I decided I would only enter my cardio excercise. I am pretty advcance in my weight training and I don't do a lot of the things listed on the site nor do I have the time to keep track of all the reps and weight etc. So I made 3 goals: No soda for 2 weeks, strech for 10 minutes a day, and to journal.

Eating today was again horrible. Tomorrow will be MY day! =)
So yesterday I did really bad. Really bad. Breakfast was fine and normal, but lunch was not good. I had a HUGE chicken burrito, not of the low point variety, some tortilla chips, and a chocolate chip cookie.

One of my co-workers did not come in yesterday (I'll just call her lazy co-worker from here on out) so I stayed to help cover the basketball game. This meant free food. Free food is not good food. I had 1 hot dog, 1 chicken wrap, 1 small bag of popcorn, 1 sand dollar sandwhich, 2 cookies, and some pineapple. Why did I even bother with the pineapple. Also, I had about 10 chocolates. Gah!

And this morning was rough. I would have liked nothing better than to stay in my nice warm bed instead of going to the gym. I was praying that the school would be closed today and I would not have to go to work. However, I should have known better than such wishful thinking. There was hardly any snow on the groud and it wasn't even sticking to the roads. Anyway I got out of the bed and got to the gym. Weights for 30 minutes and cardio for a little over an hour. As much as I dislike Star Jones, there was a quote from her in Star Magazine that I really needed to read this morning regarding "pigging out": "Put a lid on the guilt feelings...get over it. Start back with your portion control the very next day."

I am starting over today!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

So after the horrific weekend I had food wise, I thought all hopes of a loss were gone. To my suprise I weighed in at 209! I am one pound away from being my lowest weight which I was a little bit before Christmas.

I know today is going to be difficult eating wise at work because I know 2 of my co-workers and I will have a bitch fest about another co-worker and this usually takes place over lunch. A lunch that we eat out. Gah. I did bring my lunch so hopefully we can eat in.

Here is to a week of good choices.

Monday, January 16, 2006

I went to the Cheesecake Factory and it definitly won. I also came to realization that for me, with food, there is no inbetween. I am either perfectly on points or WAY over points. There is no "few points over" with me. I really need to work on that. So, at the CF I had A LOT of bread and butter (a major weekness for me so I don't even buy it) and the factory cheeseburger with fries. It was good, but it wasn't amazing. So, my goal for this upcoming week is that if I go out I will not over eat.

I didn't get a chance to take updated pictures. I will try really hard to do that this week/weekend.

I weigh in tomorrow. I am not so sure how I will do after the 3 day weekend I had =\

I know this isn't one of the best pictures of myself, but it's the only full (well almost full) body shot I have of myself. No, I did not pee my pants, my beer glass broke and spilled all over me. But at least the bartender gave me another beer. This was in Dec. 05. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 15, 2006

This pictures was taken the day before the 2003 Gorge shows. When I saw this picture I really wanted to barf. I found it on my friend's computer when I went to visit her. Really it makes me quite ill to look at it. I will post a more current picture soon. I have no clue what I weigh here, because stepping on the scale was the last thing on my mind. Posted by Picasa