Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It has been a strange/emotional/fun couple of days. I realize I place a lot of my own happiness on the actions of others...a lot.

So, just last week I felt like I had everything figured out and things were going well. Today I feel completely lost.

Adult friendships are a strange two headed monster. It's no longer like the days of elementary school where your best friend was your neighbor or the girl who sat next you. Activities consist of more than just going to school and playing after school. As an adult you actually have to work at maintaining friendships. I guess right now I am struggling with having different friend groups. And the intermingling of said friend groups. Or the desire for a close group of 10 friends...

Oh yeah, don't even get me started about work. That is a whole different can of worms that I just can't get into right now.

I am sure all of this has something to do with the fact that my life as I have known it for 2.5 years is getting ready to change with graduation.

Oh so despite all of this, I haven't really had any binge incidents with chocolate. I have eaten out, but I feel I have made wise choices and eaten in moderation. No gym yesterday, but I kicked a few times at kickball. That should count for something right? Plus, it was super hot at the M.I.A. show last night. I sure I sweated out a pound or 2. I am going to the gym during lunch today.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Weekend Without A Worry

So, this was the first weekend, besides a month at Christmas time and 1 month between the spring and summer session in the past 2.5 years where I have not had to worry about school. It was amazing. I probably spent too much money, but I am ok with it. I have a busy week coming up and did all my shopping (multiple target trips) early in the week. I needed new shoes for graduation, some sort of shoulder cover for steeplechase (I have a strapless dress) and a new strapless bra, plus a few unplanned things like a new ipod case (it was in incase cover on sale for $6.24 that I had been thinking of buying). Oh and I had some drink Friday night. Yesterday was kickball video filming day and I bought beers and food. Today I went out with a friend to dinner at Panera.

I have been to the gym the past 2 days for 2 hours, and my eating has been pretty good given my options. I have not overeaten once. I also have not eaten food just because it was there.

Kickball game tomorrow and M.I.A. show. It is going to be a busy day!