Saturday, January 11, 2014

By The Numbers: The Past 90 Days

90: Consecutive days I have logged into MyFitnessPal
21.6: Pounds lost
37: Number of yoga classes I have gone to
45: Number of runs I have gone on
20: Number of times I have done some other physical activity (elliptical, walking, hiking)
82: Times I have eaten out
3: Number of trips taken
5: Batches of blondies made
6: Batches of English toffee made
1: Juice cleanse (this is blog post itself)

I like to document things. I kept track of a lot of the above stats in my Erin Condren Life Planner. This planner is great and I highly recommend to anyone looking for a versatile paper planner. (The link above is my referral link and if you purchase a planner I get $10 store credit and so do you!, just so were all on the up and up.) 

I started packing on the lbs this summer and I just didn’t have the motivation/willpower to figure my sh*t out. I knew what I needed to do, but it was just actually DOING it. I kind of hit a breaking point when I went for my yearly check up in early October and I weighed a weight I haven’t seen on the scale in almost 8 years.

I started logging into MyFitnessPal daily and tracking all of my food. I also spent about 5-10 minutes on Sunday evening planning my workouts for the week and when I would be eating out that week in my planner. I have been eating serving sizes instead of bottomless amounts of candy and chips. I leave food on my plate or take home leftovers. OH! and I haven’t been drinking as much beer. Vodka soda lime (VSL’s) is my new BFF.

The easy part has started, the hard part will be maintaining. I have thought for so long that you can’t eat out when you are losing weight. Having a social life is impossible, etc. etc. I feel like I had so many things that could have majorly derailed me, but I kept at it. I allowed myself to enjoy my vacations and enjoy my time with my friends. Once back home from the trips or after a weekend of way too much fun, I picked up where I left off.

2014 I am coming for you. It’s already off to a great start. 

Monday, December 16, 2013