Sunday, August 12, 2007

10 Things I Love!

Thank you Krissie for the tag!

Food: Diet Coke. I know it is technically not a food, but it really does deserve its own category. I also am aware of all of the studies out there saying it actually makes you eat more, blah, blah, blah, blah. But I still love it. In fact there is a picture of me around age 3 or 4 drinking a Diet Coke. So I don't drink it just because it is "diet", I drink it because I actually like it. In fact I just finished one before I started writing this!

Fruit: Pineapple! Yum! However I just like it plain, maybe dipped in a little fruit dip. I don't like it in cakes or other baked goods. I do like it on pizza w/ ham though! I splurge and usually buy the pre-cut kind at the grocery store. Runners up are strawberries and raspberries.

Veggies: Potato. There are so many things you can do with them. My current favorite dish is roasted red potatoes with rosemary and sea salt, extra crispy please! If you ever get to Florence, Italy, visit La Spada near Piazza Santa Maria Novella and try their potatoes. You can thank me later.

Celebrity/People: I am going to have to copy Krissie on this one and say Rachel Ray as well. While I find her TV show to be annoying at times she really has inspired me to do more cooking and add more variety to what I eat. I LOVE her magazine. I subscribe and save every issue. My lovely mother also bought me a Rachel Ray set of pans. Yes!

Event/Situation/Incident: Concerts. You all know I love them so this should be no surprise! On tap this week: Neko Case/Rufus Wainwright at the Ryman and Dave Matthews Band (x2) at Deer Creek!

TV Shows/Movies: Freaks and Geeks! I love this shows SO much and I am really sad it was only on for one season. I watched it religously during that one season, but sadly it was still canceled :( However, it is out on DVD and I can watch my favorites when ever I want.

Music: Dave Matthews Band will always be dear to my heart, but right now John Mayer is in the lead.

Household Chores: Cleaning the kitchen. I HATE a dirty kitchen. A clean kitchen is really satisfying.

Around the World: That there is so much of it I have yet to see. I love traveling especially to new places (as well as beloved favorites). It's exciting to think about where I will go next.

About Myself: My ability to make others laugh. I love telling people about the weird/crazy/funny things that happen to me everyday. Sadly I am not as good as writing them as I am telling them :(

I tag any one who would also like to do this. If you do, leave me a comment so I can make sure I check out your list! Happy Sunday!