Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekly Recap

Ever since I got back from my ski trip LAST week I have been struggling with my food choices here folks. I think the only thing saving me has been bootcamp on M-W-F, weight training on T-Th, and running on M-W-Sun. I didn't run this morning because it was kind of icy. Instead, I ate chocolate. You know because chocolate and running are pretty much interchangeable.

My schedule was pretty busy last week from the John Mayer taping to other social events. Oh and looking at houses. And then it snowed. And then I made cookies. Not just chocolate chip cookies. I replaced the chocolate chips with my favorite chocolate candy ever: cadbury chocolate balls. And then I went on a date last night. A first date that lasted 9+ hours. I braved the "slick" roads to go on a date. Either I am really desperate or really crazy. I'll let you decide. We met at a bar, we were there for a few hours. We went to another bar to watch a band. And things were going pretty well at this point he invited me to a party. Please stop the music my head I hear a record playing and the music coming to a screeching halt. Why? Because I was about to go to a party where I knew close to no one and meet some of his friends. You know what? I had a blast. It was a house party in an old historic home with a bluegrass or maybe it was old time (forgive me, I don't really know the difference) band playing in the living room. There was a keg of high life and I was the keeper of 1.75 liter bottle of Bullet Bourbon. It was a pretty eclectic group of people in attendance. I didn't feel too out of place and at the end of the night I was really glad I went.

So my goal this week is to regain control of my eating and continue my workouts.