Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Assortment of Thoughts

First, the Kings of Leon BROUGHT IT in Louisville. I am SO glad I made the 5 hour roundtrip up there even though I just saw them in Nashville in November. Their set time came in at about 1 hour 45 minutes, but it is just a good rock show. The Whigs weren't half bad either.

Besides the burger and fries I had Tuesday night, my eating really hasn't been that bad. I have however not been keeping track of points or journaling. One of 2 things happens when I don't write down what I eat. I either lose all control or I am able to eat mindfully, but not carelessly and watch my portions. The past few days I have been eating mindfully and trying to listen to and anticipate my hunger. Some pretty stressful things, which at one time might had triggered stressing eat, did not do so this week. I have also been exercising pretty regularly as well. Speaking of exercise, I think I am going to start back up with Boot Camp in the mornings. I was talking to one of the trainers today at the gym, who does the morning sessions, and he was asking how I was doing and he seemed super excited that I was planning on coming back. I just wish it were outside. He said that once the temp hits 50 degrees they can move it outside. SO spring hurry up and get here!

I spent some money today. I bought a pair of jeans, a cardigan, 2 scarfs, some bracelets, and some makeup. So the jeans are black jeans size 16 low rise, slim leg, stretch, boot cut jeans. Normally I think I would have cried buying this size of jeans because most of my current jeans are in the 12-14 size category. However this is a low rise, SLIM leg jean. I do not have slim legs. at. all. The waist is a little big, but not so much that there is gaping in the back.

I am preparing for my trip to LA and SUPER nervous about the panel I will be speaking on, besides the moderator I am the only female. I am also the youngest person by YEARS. My roomie was pretty impressed when I showed her the website and who all would be at the conference. Basically a whose who of the entertainment/concert industry. And I am speaking in front of them?!?!? Well not all of them as there are 3 panels at the same time ;)

So, what am I going to wear in LA? That's a very good question. One that is stressing me out a tad and that I am still trying to figure out. Business casual will probably be the way to go.

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Wish the Best For Me

So first, today is a pretty momentous occasion. I am super stoked that I will be able to watch it live on TV since my department is helping to put on a campus viewing party.

Second, as someone who has struggled with their weight for most of their adult life, I have found that I have a hard time with the fact that I deserve the best. While I wish the best for everyone I know, I have a hard time applying it to my own life. I am not really sure how to change this. I do realize that I have had some great things and opportunities presented to me. But, I also feel like sometimes I am just not deserving enough. It is my one wish that one day I will be happy with who I am as a person, both inside and out.

So on this day I not only wish the best for my country as we usher in a new President, but I wish the best for me.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Music Monday- Bon Iver

Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago has been playing on my computer for pretty much the entire last week. (Just ask my roomie who is now a fan...) I just can't get enough of it. His album was ranked as one of the best of 2008. Skinny Love and Re: Stacks were in heavy rotation on my summer playlists. I missed his show in Nashville because I was in Seattle...I am bummed about that, but hopefully I will get to see him this year.

I was looking at videos on You Tube and I found this one: Bon Iver- For Emma. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Lazy Sunday

This morning I slept in. Had some pancakes I had frozen a while back with a few walnut and crasians and syrup...MMMM. Such a decadent and easy breakfast. I watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and then hit the gym. I must have not turned off my iPod yesterday when I left because my battery was dead :( I was prepared for a sucky workout and I had just the opposite. My 30 minutes or so of weights flew by. I was on the arc trainer for 35 minutes and watch The Princess Diaries. I got on the stair stepper and continued watching. Came home and made a yukon gold potato with cut up grape tomatoes and green salsa. Yum. I eventually made my way to the grocery store to by ingredients for Cat's Fake Out Macaroni and Cheese. So yummy! I used a little bit more pasta (I doubled the amount) and cheese than she said to in the recipe. Next time I will probably use less pasta and more cauliflower. I used whole wheat pasta and fresh cauliflower. I got 4 rather large servings out of this and now have leftovers I will probably freeze. I might try it with frozen cauliflower and see what happens. But this stuff was SO good. Thanks Cat for the recipe!

A little bit later I made pumpkin cream cheese muffins from a Trader Joe's mix and then I added the cream cheese on top. Super yummy and I cut the oil in half and replaced the other half with apple sauce. It passed the taste test as my roomie is currently eating one and just said it was really good. She has no clue of the substitution I made.

Tomorrow will be another lazy day. I have the day off. I fully intend to sleep in, hit the gym, and prepare for the week.