Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I have got nothing for you today...except a random assortment of thoughts.

  • I'm On Fire is my favorite Bruce Springsteen song.
  • When I was younger I pronounced Springteen, Springsting. Sometimes I still do. Whoops!
  • Is it possible to have a fat month? Because I definitely feel like it.
  • For various reasons, the past few weeks have been somewhat trying.
  • My busy summer, got a little bit busier when my boss quit a few weeks ago. No timeline for a replacement. Yeah!?
  • Nashville is filled with some pretty incredible people and I am lucky to have so many of them in my life.
  • I got a free ticket to the Ingrid Michaelson/Barenaked Ladies show at the Ryman last night. It was like their greatest hits show, minus the overweight band member who quit a year or so ago. The best/most surprising part? I hardly even noticed he wasn't there. Surprisingly, I had a good time and the people watching was pretty amazing too.
  • I went to a white trash party on Friday night. My outfit was pretty awesome.
  • I've finalized my summer trip to Washington State. I will be there for 9 days! AND my tickets just came in the mail for Keith Urban, John Mayer, AND the Avett Brothers at the Gorge! And no, I didn't decide to take the trip so I could go to the concert. I already had my trip scheduled, I just had to modify my return trip home slightly :) It will good to be back at the Gorge!