Thursday, June 18, 2009

Child's Play

I am finally good at something in my boot camp classes. I would go as far as to say better than everyone else. What is it? Jump Rope. Yes, I kick butt at jumping rope. Multiple people have commented on it over the past two days at class.

I know my mom must be proud.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What I Ate On Monday

So I feel I made some really great choices yesterday and ate some yummy foods. I have been thinking a whole lot more about what it is that I am putting into my body as far as processed foods, sugar, fruits, veggies, etc.

So I thought I would do a time line of my day. No pics though.

4:30 AM: Wake up, get ready, and drove to boot camp. I usually always lay my gym clothes out the night before so I don't even have to think about it in the morning. Does anyone else do that? I also can't eat before I have a heavy workout. Even when I eat late the night before and exercise early the next day, my body is not happy.

5-6 AM: Boot Camp

6-7 AM: Arc Trainer

7-8:25 AM: Get ready, maybe check my e-mail, and eat breakfast. Yesterday's breakfast was plain old fashioned oats and whole strawberries. Strawberries were not mixed into oatmeal. And lots of water.

8:30 AM: Work, Work, Work.

10 AM: I thought about not eating a snack because I was going to get an early lunch. I decided to have one anyway. I had a 100 calorie pack of baked cheetos in my desk and a diet. Talk about the most unnatural snack possible.

11:20-1:30: I took a long lunch at Pei Wei with a co-worker and a former co-worker. Former co-worker was almost 25 minutes late because of traffic, so didn't end up eating until later than expected. I had the Thai Dynamite Chicken with brown rice, a side of steamed veggies, and some edamame. I only ate about half my meal. Leftovers!

1:30-5 PM: More work and a snack around 3:30 of cherries. Cherries are my new obsession. They weren't on sale this week, so I paid about $9 for a bag of them. So worth it though.

5:30ish: A snack of strawberries

5:30-6:30: I was more tired than hungry so I took a nap.

6:30: Dinner of mixed greens, cucumber, tomatoes, a few craisins, and light champagne vinaigrette dressing. A serving of jalapeno Kettle Chips.

7-7:30: Homework.

7:30-8: Started to pick out clothes for my upcoming trip to Europe.

8-11 PM: I hung out with a friend. Ate some Peanut M&M's probably about the size of a regular pack you would get at the gas station, probably a little more actually, but not binge worthy at all. I probably didn't even need to eat them.

11:30ish: bed

I live an exciting life. I know you are all jealous ;)

The rest of the week will be a little bit crazier.

Tonight: Cee Em Tee Award show. Yeah for free tickets!
Tomorrow: Eddie Vedder at the Ryman
Thursday: Class
Friday: Morning: Volunteering at the Local Public Radio Pledge Drive and then a meeting about my board internship with the station President/General Manager.

Friday Evening/Afternoon: leave for my Cincinnati weekend with my blog buddies Krissie, Nikki, and Fat Bridesmaid!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

How I Was Tricked Into Running Almost 3 Miles

Friday morning I arrived at boot camp at 5 AM. I ran a few warm up laps before class actually started. The trainer called the group over to give us our instructions. But instead of exercising stations they told us we were going to do a little more running than usual. We would be running to the Hill Center (specifically Hillsboro RD so through the entire center) and back 5 times. At the end of each lap was a nice hill, you know just for some added fun. They told us this was about 1.5 miles. I was thinking it wouldn't take me more than 15 minutes max since I just ran an 8 minute mile earlier in the week. I was pretty much in the middle of the pack the entire time 5/6 out of ten. As I was running I thought it had to be more than 1.5 miles, but I refused to stop running. I finally finished and walked inside to get a medicine ball and it was 5:35. I thought I must have been running really slow. I started talking to some of my classmates about how that mile and a half took a long time. Turns out the trainers tricked us and new we were running almost 3 miles. I can say I probably wouldn't have ran it all or had as good an attitude as I did about it. I am not the biggest fan of running, but I love that it allows me to prove to myself that I can do things.

I was off on Friday and spent part of the day at the pool and part of the day at the pool on Saturday. I made it to the gym yesterday and went on a 3 mile hike today. My eating has gotten back in check. But, I did have a dipped cone today and Friday. I really hope this dipped cone eating is a summer thing :)