Thursday, August 18, 2005

I recomitted with dinner tonight. I had a 3 point grilled cheese with 2 points of baked french fries and 1 point were of peas. For a little snack I had some fat free cottage cheese with 1 point worth of canned fruit.

I think I will either go to the store on Saturday or Sunday. I have a smart ones for lunch with some extra veggies, canned fruit, and a tomato and green pepper salad.

I stepped on the scale and it said 229! Yikes. That is pretty high considering 9 days ago I was at 217. I am sure a lot of it is water or some other crap like that.

I can do this!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I really need to step it up. I need to keep portion control in check and emotional eating in check as well. I didn't weigh in this week because I was traveling yesterday for work. I will weigh in next Tuesday. Hopefully I can stay at 220. I slowly see my hopes of being 210 by Red Rocks slip away.

One of my co-workers who needs to lose 100+ pounds has started excercising and eating better. I think it will be a good source of encouragement for both of us. Also, I will continue to send my jounrals to my friend Manda.