Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It has been a rough few days as fars as eating goes at work. Chocolate and treats galore. I think I was craving the fat from the chocolate because I have been limiting my fat intake. (Ha, at least that's how I am justifying it.) On Monday I did go out to Pei Wei with my roomate. It was nice, but I ate way too much.

I weigh in in about 2 hours and I will finally learn about the new changes!

Monday, December 18, 2006

The weekend got a lot better after the incident on Friday afternoon/evening. Yesterday I made it to the gym for a bit and then I went home to get ready to go to a birthday party at a bowling alley. I am SO glad I hate a small bean burrito before I went because bowling alley food is not healthy at all. Also, there was birthday cake. However, I am not really sure what kind of cake it was because it was the most awful think I have tasted. It was made from scratch and the frosting was gross and I LOVE frosting. I had 2 bites and said it wasn't worth it so I threw it away. I am so glad I didn't eat it because I just had the most glorious gingerbread man that was SO worth it. =)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Friday and Saturday were difficult days. I made it to the gym for about 45 minutes Friday morning. I was able to eat my lunch and say no to going out to the fried chicken tenders restaraunt with my co-workers. It actullay wasn't that bad, they got it to go so we ended up all eating together anyway. However, the afternoon is where it started to go south. I ate some homemade cheese curls. And then some crappy stuff happened and I just got a little stressed. We order in and I made good choices like grilled chicked, backed potaot, etc, however the srevings sizes were huge and I ate it ALL. Then the event that was going on has an amazing reception and of course we all get to partake. Cookies, cheeses, chocolate fondue. Oh man it was so good. I definitly felt way too stuffed and my heart started racing.

Yesterday I hung out with my "little sister". She wanted pizza for lunch so we went to one of my favorite places. I had to pretzels and a greek salad. I should have just gotten the half salad becuase it was HUGE. I didn't use the dressing and I didn't eat the crackers. So even though I had to pretzels I would say it was a pretty successful lunch. Dinner was kind of random. I wasn't really hungry at first. I just has some crustless pumpkin pie and a glass of milk. Then later in the night I had air popped popcorn, a few almonds, and a push pop. The push pop I am not exactly glad I ate, but it looked good. It wasn't that great and now I no longer want any that are in the freezer. I also went to the gym BEFORE I hung out with my little sister.

I am going to gym in about in hour. I have a birthday party to go to at a bowling alley. I don't want to drink beer and I really don't want bowling alley food so I think I will need to eat a little something before I go.