Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Current Music Obsessions

1. Taylor Swift. I am slightly embarrassed about this one. But yeah I am excited for her new album.

2. Panic at the Disco. They were born in the late 80's and make me feel old, but there were such a fund band to see live. Northern Downpour is one of my current favs.

3. Emerson Hart. Oh. My. God. You might remember him from his days as the front man for Tonic. He released an album last year, Cigarettes and Gasoline. I have listened to the entire album at least 10 times at home and numerous times at the gym. My favorites include If You're Gonna Leave, I Wish the Best for You, and Green Hills Race for California. Oh yeah and he lives in Nashville (Even if he lives on the East Side...). Another reason why Nashville Rocks!

I Wish the Best For You:

So what are you listening to????

Cute Day Outfits NOLA Style

So I really need to do a better job of taking full length pictures. I have let you all down. I think my favorite outfit was the one I wore the first day:

Full length:

It was a little colder and overcast during the day, so I kept the jeans on. I was going to switch to leggings later on, but decided not to. Had a navy cashmere sweater I put on a night.

No full body shots...

Umm, my boobs look huge in this picture. I paired the simple t-shirt with an awesome dark denim skirt I got from target and my Teva flip flops. I also am wearing my Prada sunglasses which I LUVR. They have stars on the side and were truly a fashion splurge a few years ago.

No full body shots again...

I wore a black t-shirt with a pink corduroy skirt that I LOVR because the back pockets are in the shape of hearts. I am also wearing one of my new favorite fashion finds a black long cardigan that wraps, but not really and doesn't have any buttons. Rocking the side pony as well...

Probably my second favorite outfit...I love this purple blouse. What you can't see is that I had on a thick brown belt around the blouse and dark denim cuffed jeans.


While in NOLA, I definitely paid more attention to what others were wearing. Umm can you say Ed Hardy and running shorts with boots?!? I have decided that having a cute day is not so much about the clothes you wear, but the feeling you get from wearing the clothes. I don't think my outfits were anything spectacular, but I did put some thought into them and I was comfortable wearing them. In the end I think that's all that matters.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Working Out in The Evening

The thing about working out in the evening is there is always the possibility of not doing it. Like skipping to watch TV, eat dinner, with friends, clean, etc. Sure there is that same possibility in the morning, but there are few reason to skip (the main one being more sleep). So this evening I had plans to go to the gym and then I seriously considered not going. Have no fear I am going. I am armed with my iPod, US Weekly, and Breaking Dawn.

So when do you like to work out? Morning or night?

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Back!

I am Back and NOLA was awesome.

I ate really well, and by "well" I mean I had a lot of the local specialties.

I saw some good shows.

I had a GREAT time with my friends.

I want to go to back to NOLA ASAP.

A more detailed update to come soon!

But for now a pic of my BFF and I watching Charles Walker and the Dynamites (Charles Walker sat next to my friend Danny on the flight down to NOLA. How cool is that?)