Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cute Day Outfits NOLA Style

So I really need to do a better job of taking full length pictures. I have let you all down. I think my favorite outfit was the one I wore the first day:

Full length:

It was a little colder and overcast during the day, so I kept the jeans on. I was going to switch to leggings later on, but decided not to. Had a navy cashmere sweater I put on a night.

No full body shots...

Umm, my boobs look huge in this picture. I paired the simple t-shirt with an awesome dark denim skirt I got from target and my Teva flip flops. I also am wearing my Prada sunglasses which I LUVR. They have stars on the side and were truly a fashion splurge a few years ago.

No full body shots again...

I wore a black t-shirt with a pink corduroy skirt that I LOVR because the back pockets are in the shape of hearts. I am also wearing one of my new favorite fashion finds a black long cardigan that wraps, but not really and doesn't have any buttons. Rocking the side pony as well...

Probably my second favorite outfit...I love this purple blouse. What you can't see is that I had on a thick brown belt around the blouse and dark denim cuffed jeans.


While in NOLA, I definitely paid more attention to what others were wearing. Umm can you say Ed Hardy and running shorts with boots?!? I have decided that having a cute day is not so much about the clothes you wear, but the feeling you get from wearing the clothes. I don't think my outfits were anything spectacular, but I did put some thought into them and I was comfortable wearing them. In the end I think that's all that matters.


anna said...

cute days for sure! i just bought that purple blouse (in maternity-GASP) and am waiting for it to be delivered. i hope i'm almost as cute in it as you are!!

Sarah said...

Anna- I LOVR those blouses so much I have the grey flower one and the purple one. I am positive you will be even cuter than me!