Friday, December 01, 2006

Since January I would classify myself as an compuslive scale checker. I would get on in the morning. Get on after I ate something. Get on after excercising. Get on after the shower. Get on before I went to bed. I got pretty good at predicting what the scale would be based on where I was in my day. However, I think it is harder to see the progress by doing this. The only time I wasn't really obsessing over the scale was when I was away from my apartment on a trip. I am proud to say that I have not stepped on my scale since Monday! I did weigh-in on Wednesday for my WW weigh in though. As much as I would like to weigh myself almost every minute of the day, I really don't think it is healthy or helpful to me. I think for the first time in a long time I am really excited to see what the scale says on Monday and hopefully it will reflect my hard work!

Monday, November 27, 2006

187. That is how much I weighed in this picture. I was doing so well this summer. It is hard not to dwell on where I could be now if I had just kept it up. Oh and I joined WW for a 10 week session at work. The end of the session is Wednesday. I think I have lost nothing and in fact I might have even gained. (I am going to blame part of it on bloat due to TOM.) However, I am still signing up for the next 10 week session which ends on February 14th.

I remember when I started this weight loss journey almost 3 years ago now and things seemed so much easier. I was so dedicated. The weight just fell off. I could "cheat" and still be fine. Now I eat poorly and my body is all out of wack. It seems like one wrong move and I am on a course set for disaster.

One thing that I did this summer that wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be was I was eating a pretty strict diet of no processed foods and breads. Basically limiting my high fructose corn syrup intake as well as white flour to virtually nothing. I am not really sure why I stopped. I loved the foods I was eating. Oh yeah, I remember now, that damn spinach ecoli outbreak! Yes, I am blaming it on that, but only partially. I drank heavily in September and that isn't good as well. I travelled a lot and eating on the road is always difficult.

I am ready to do this and say good bye to the last 20 lbs for good!