Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Help! I am trying really hard not to beat myself up about the fact that I have literally been eating crap for the last week and I have no excuse but my lack of self control. Oh and I don't know what to wear to my brother's high school graduation. Umm, high school? AND he is turing 18 tomorrow. Where did the time go?

Maybe I can wear a paper bag or a matte trash bag with a belt and give it a high waist? I have been wearing a lot of belts lately I might be able to pull it off. If I go with the paper bag, you can just call me the paper bag princess.

This trying to figure out what to wear thing would be a whole lot easier if I was 10 or so pounds lighter.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Still Here!

I have been gone for a few days. Where have I have been? I have been a camp counselor for a 4 day leadership camp for high school sophomores. So that means no choice of what food I eat and very limited gym time (or none at all). But it was totally worth it. I learned a lot about myself and I hope the kids learned some things too. I made some new friends and went out drinking Sunday night and stayed until 12:30 AM (on a work night!), so I did not make it to boot camp :(

My eating has been completely out of control the past 2 days. Hopefully tomorrow I can reign things in.

Then, I am heading home to WV on Thursday for my baby brothers graduation from high school. I am staying through Monday.

I am still working on catching up on blogs from my weekend with no internet. Here's to a great Wednesday!