Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Recap

It's a little hard to believe that March is over. The month was quite busy.

I went to NOLA with one of my best friends from college for Mardi Gras. And it was pretty awesome.

I love this picture (minus the red eyes, which I am too lazy to fix right now....). Beads. Bourbon Street. Hurricane. Cross in the background.

nola 056

Lifelong friends.

nola 042

Questlove DJ Set.


I gave up sugars (most) for lent.

My 5k PR.

St. Patrick's Day and 2 for 1 Green Beer.


March Madness. My 4 teams made it (Belmont, Gonzaga, UW, and WVU) next year they just need to actually make it somewhere like to the Sweet 16/Elite 8/just win a game.


St. Pardis Gras Celebration. We really need to try for a massive group girl shot at one of these parties. So many girls didn't make it in the picture :(


SO thankful that this years party was not Toga themed like last year.


A 14:59 2 mile time trial.

A fun trip to Charleston, SC to visit friends. My first. And it won't be my last!


And I finished off the month with a Cold War Kids show.

April I am ready for you and your two half marathons and your warmer weather!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sun! Sun! Sun!

Clearly based on the smile on my face I had no clue what my arms looked like.


Wear sunscreen folks. Or don't wear a t-shirt on a 13 mile run one weekend and wear the same t-shirt on the first part of 5 1/2 hour kayak adventure.

Despite the red arms, Charleston, SC was amazing and I am already scheming my way back.