Saturday, May 14, 2011

Back in the Saddle

This week wasn't extra special compared to any other weeks, but I finally started to get back into some sort of routine. And I was thankful for the little things.

  • I made it to yoga class on Tuesday night. I think the last yoga class I went to was on Valentine's day. It's been that long. And while I was almost afraid to go back it had been so long, once I got there I felt completely at ease. My flow yoga class was just what I needed. Fast paced and we rocked out to some 80's tunes. I was just thankful that after realizing my yoga pants were on inside out, there was really no way anyone could tell.
  • I was at the gym on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday by 5 AM. It felt good to be back. And all the regulars were still there. I missed Thursday morning, but I made it after work on Thursday.
  • I am thankful for my ipad. I have had it for almost a year and I haven't used it too much. But I downloaded the Kindle ap and it's been love. 
  • Have you read The Hunger Games Trilogy? I just finished the first book and am reading the second right now. They are a quick read. I used to read all the time. I'm glad I'm getting back into it (even if it is teen lit...). Any book suggestions?
  • Fleet Foxes. I am in love. Not as much as I am in love with Bon Iver though. They played at the Ryman last night. And they brought their Indie rocker A-game. I would rank this show right up there with the Arcade Fire show from last year. And it proves that once again I need to work on my indie rocker spotting abilities. Between the opening band, the Cave Singers, and the Fleet Foxes, the stage was getting ready for FF. A guy was on stage tuning some guitars. People were snapping pictures. I just assumed they were eager fans excited about the show. Nope. It was Robin Pecknold tuning his own guitars. My only complaint about the show was that he constantly tuned his guitars between songs and it was somewhat of a distraction. I loved the four part harmonies. Truly amazing. I did not love the guy behind me who was trying to make it a 5 part harmony. I didn't realize until looking back at the few pictures I snapped how simple their stage set was. Good music doesn't need flashy lights and set designs. See them if they are coming to your city. Seriously, I love the Ryman and Fleet Foxes.                                                                         IMG_7653
  • You might get tired of me mentioning it for the next 2.5 months, but I am so excited about the Bon Iver show at the Ryman in July. 
  • I am thankful that this cicada infestation hitting Nashville right now only comes around every 13 years. I am really glad we can all at least laugh about it and that we have a cicada who tweets!
Have a great week!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Famous People

Famous people. Nashville and the surrounding suburbs are swimming with them. I love this city so much and it makes sense why so many entertainers and really cool people end up living here. Over the past few months I have had a few celeb sightings.

  • On Sunday I was running in Percy Warner Park. For those of you, in the Nashville area I was on the 5.8 going the backwards direction. About 2.5 miles in I see a small SUV pulled off to the side of the road. I think to myself "why do cars feel the need to pull off on this one way road?".  I can only see the suv because it is sort of parked on a corner.  As I run closer, I see two people, a personal trainer and a client. They are using TRX bands I have used before at the gym. I am about 5 yards away and I realize who the client is. Nicole Kidman. This Nicole Kidman spotting was almost as cool as that one time I saw her head peaking out over the bathroom stall when I went to the bathroom before I left work one day a few years ago.
  • Last Monday I guess Patrick Carney of the Black Keys was standing in the pew directly behind me at Interpol. I guess he left shortly after that guy was kicked out. A friend had to point this one out to me. Indie rockers are harder to spot in this town. I am surprised/embarassed that it is easier for me to pick out country artists...
  • I saw Martina McBride at my local Kroger. The rough Kroger. The Kroger that doesn't have the best variety of products. Stars, grocery shop, just like us!
  • I went to Pei Wei a few months ago with my co-workers. A co-worker said she recognized someone sitting at a table, but couldn't place him. I looked at him, "oh you mean Scott Hamilton, the figure skater?".  She looked to confirm. She still wasn't sure. "Wait till he gets up" I say, "his height will let us know." CONFIRMED.
  • I saw Robert Plant one night too. You know from LED ZEPLIN. I missed him the night he was at Three Crow, but that's ok because I'd already spotted him.  And spot I did, he drives what I would considered a granny mobile and it was about to get towed. Stars, they can't park illegally and get away with it, just like us.
I know I've had more, but these are the most recent and some of my favorite. I love that in Nashville, stars can really be just like us.

I need to work on my indie spotting abilities, because Bon Iver is coming to the Ryman on July 27 and I need to be able to spot my future husband.