Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Famous People

Famous people. Nashville and the surrounding suburbs are swimming with them. I love this city so much and it makes sense why so many entertainers and really cool people end up living here. Over the past few months I have had a few celeb sightings.

  • On Sunday I was running in Percy Warner Park. For those of you, in the Nashville area I was on the 5.8 going the backwards direction. About 2.5 miles in I see a small SUV pulled off to the side of the road. I think to myself "why do cars feel the need to pull off on this one way road?".  I can only see the suv because it is sort of parked on a corner.  As I run closer, I see two people, a personal trainer and a client. They are using TRX bands I have used before at the gym. I am about 5 yards away and I realize who the client is. Nicole Kidman. This Nicole Kidman spotting was almost as cool as that one time I saw her head peaking out over the bathroom stall when I went to the bathroom before I left work one day a few years ago.
  • Last Monday I guess Patrick Carney of the Black Keys was standing in the pew directly behind me at Interpol. I guess he left shortly after that guy was kicked out. A friend had to point this one out to me. Indie rockers are harder to spot in this town. I am surprised/embarassed that it is easier for me to pick out country artists...
  • I saw Martina McBride at my local Kroger. The rough Kroger. The Kroger that doesn't have the best variety of products. Stars, grocery shop, just like us!
  • I went to Pei Wei a few months ago with my co-workers. A co-worker said she recognized someone sitting at a table, but couldn't place him. I looked at him, "oh you mean Scott Hamilton, the figure skater?".  She looked to confirm. She still wasn't sure. "Wait till he gets up" I say, "his height will let us know." CONFIRMED.
  • I saw Robert Plant one night too. You know from LED ZEPLIN. I missed him the night he was at Three Crow, but that's ok because I'd already spotted him.  And spot I did, he drives what I would considered a granny mobile and it was about to get towed. Stars, they can't park illegally and get away with it, just like us.
I know I've had more, but these are the most recent and some of my favorite. I love that in Nashville, stars can really be just like us.

I need to work on my indie spotting abilities, because Bon Iver is coming to the Ryman on July 27 and I need to be able to spot my future husband.

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