Friday, June 18, 2004

I have been struggling for a while, but I think things are starting to get better. I have worked out 4 out of 5 days this week! I didn't work out yesterday because I had a bunch of stuff to get done before my friends got here for the weekend. Lunch yesterday was not really on plan. It was mexican and man do I love guacamole and chips! For dinner we went to BB Kings and I had a chicken tenderloin sandwhich and fries. I know, not the best choice. Oh well! I paid for it this morning with a not so good feeling I had when I woke up. However, I accomplised a major NSV: I did not drink any alcohol last night when I went out and I went to 3 bars!!!! This is amazing! Not even one drink! I just had water with lemon and a diet coke! I rock. I haven't decided if I am drinking tonight or not.

I went to this showcase last night for music industry, TV, and Film professionals. Out of all the industry people, there were probably 2 women who were obese, as in heavier than me. I decided that there is no way when I get older tha I want to be the DFCP (The Designated Fat Confrence Participant).

Oh I don't know if I posted this before, But I revised my goal to lose 10 lbs by WPB to bring me to a weight of 250lbs. I think I can do it =)

Monday, June 14, 2004

I am still not through my rough patch. I am still holding steady at 260 lbs. I know if I followed the plan as closely as I did in the beginning the lbs would be melting off, but I am not. I am slipping and I need to work on it. I have revised my goal. I know that being 250 by WPB is attainable. That is my new goal. That would put me at -50 lbs.

Despite the rough spot I am having, I am still excited about my loss. 40 lbs is a lot. I know I definitly do not want to gain it back. I just need to realize that I didn't put the weight on overnight and it is not going to come off over night either.

Here is to a week of wise food choices, a little alcohol, and excersie. =)