Friday, December 09, 2011

December 9

City Advent Calendar: An eskimo. I think this might be one of my favorites.

Star Wars Advent Calendar: X Wing Fighter!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

December 8

It took me a while to figure this one out. At first I thought it could be a sink/counter.

Then I realized this was a cops and robbers themed advent calendar and it was most likely a jail bed and a cup.

Star Wards Advent Calendar: Rebel Pilot

December 7

I forgot to take a picture yesterday at work, so here are yesterdays pieces.

City Advent Calendar: A skateboard and helmet and two little presents

Star Wars Advent Calendar: tool rack

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

December 6

City Advent Calendar: A cute little Christmas Tree (I got this exact same one last year)

Star Wars Advent Calendar: CHEWBACCA!
And then I decided I wanted to hear the CHEWBACCA sound so went to the trusty ol' You Tube.
I found the sound.
And then because this is how the internet works, I had to click on the "American Idol Chewbaca" because it had over 7 million views. 7 million.

My evening is now complete.


Monday, December 05, 2011

December 5

The City Advent Calendar: another side of the jail.

Star Wars: Slave 1

Proud Sister Hen

I don't talk about my brother too much here, but I am beyond proud of him.

He has been losing weight over the past year and I think he is down something like 100 lbs. This is awesome for anyone, but especially for college boy living in a fraternity. We all remember what college was like right?!?!

Here we are in 2010 on Thanksgiving day right before the Springfield, MO Turkey Trot.

Here we are this year before the same race AND he is actually smiling!

I don't know about you, but I can see a big difference!

And just for fun we made Sox poise for another family photo.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Race Recap: Rudolph's Red Nose 5k Run Nashville, TN 12/2/11

On Friday I rushed home from work to change clothes to run in a night 5k. There aren't very many evening 5k's so it is kind of a fun change. I ran this race in 2009 and it was my 4th or so 5k. I just remember it being really cold. It's been pretty warm in Nashville and Friday was no exception. Pretty warm to me is at least in the 50's. With weather in the 50's that is short/capri and t-shirt running weather. However, when I got home I had a different idea.

My friend Steve had told me he was going to wear his old Santa Suit (Yes, old as in he got a new one. My friends and I take Santa outfits pretty seriously...) for the race. He was also trying to get a new PR from a few weeks ago. I decided to wear my old Santa robe from Santa Rampage last year and also convinced my roommate. I knew the outfit wouldn't be ideal for running, but it wasn't like I was trying to run this race for a PR. I know better. I am seriously out of my top running shape.

And here we are before the race



This year the weather was great. There appeared to be more costumes and there were definitely more people of all running abilities. I decided I was actually going to attempt to run somewhat fast in this outfit and see what happened. Overall, I am quite please. 25:10 and 5th in my age group. Congrats to my friend and running buddy Erica who got a new PR! I accomplished my goal of doing better than I did in 2009. I shaved off about 3 minutes!

Picture 1

After I finished I grabbed some water and went off to find Steve and Jenny. I found this with about 3/4 of a mile left and ran/walked the rest of the race with them. I am so incredibly proud of Steve who took more than 5 minutes off his 5k time from a few weeks ago and as of Friday has lost almost 40 lbs!

After I crossed the finish line for the second time a lady came up to me and asked me if I had been the East Nasty of the Week. I told her I had been. She told me that she did the East Nasty Couch to 5k in the winter and remembered me talking about weight loss. Since then she has lost 50 lbs and will be running her first half marathon in January at the Disney Princess Half. It was also her 49th birthday on Friday. I am so glad she came up and said hi to me. Talking about weight loss in public can be a little intimidating, but knowing that one person has made a change is awesome!

December 4

The Lego City Advent Calendar is a cops and robbers theme. Here is today's figure:
Part of a jail cell that helps to create fun scenes with the other figures.

In the Star Wars world we have a Homing Spider Droid