Tuesday, November 24, 2009

(NY) City Love

My trip in pictures.

The view of Madison Avenue from our corner room


Holy Moly! That is some piece of cheesecake!


I still haven't made it to the Statue of Liberty. This will do for now.




The Diamond District. I just love this one for some reason.


Radio City Christmas Spectacular!


The Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridian is one of my favorite places for a quick bite to eat.




St. Patrick's as view from the Saks Fifth Avenue Cafe. A greta place for mimosas.


Yummy Italian dinner where I may have finished almost a whole bottle of Antinori wine by myself...


St. Patrick's


Rockefeller Center


I love this one.


And this one too...


A lovely fall day in NYC.


How festive! And on the same block as our hotel.


Canal Street


This is how excited someone looks who just got 2nd row tickets!


The seats!


The stage


My love




The entire album can be viewed here.

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's Been A Long Night in New York City

I have been back from NYC for almost a week and it feel like I just got back yesterday. This had to of been one of my favorite trips. I spent some quality time with my mom AND I got to see John Mayer

Ah yes John Mayer. Most people hate him, but you can't deny he can write some serious songs. His CD release show was last Tuesday at the Beacon Theater. I lucked out with the pre-sale and ended up with 7th row center seats. I was super excited! So on the day of the show two friends from Connecticut were coming into the city for the show, but they didn't have tickets. I told them that I had read on John Mayer's management's twitter that they were planning on releasing tickets at the box office at 1 PM day of show. Of course they tweeted this around 11:30. I already had lunch plans and couldn't make it to the Upper West Side in time, so I kind of forgot about the whole thing. I spent part of the afternoon shopping and around 3:30 Jenny and I decide to head up to the venue just to take a look and to find a bar. We arrive around 4:15 and see that there is a line at the box office and we decided to get in because it appears that they still have tickets available. It also appears that there are scalpers in the line too. We are maybe 15 people back in a line of mostly guys. We had been in line a few minutes and we see the guy who does the merch for John Mayer keep coming out and looking at the line. I finally get to the front of the line after hearing that some people got obstructed view tickets and the scalperish guy in front of us was being told Loge was the the best available. Right as I get to the front I see the guy who works for John Mayer give the box office worker a nod. The box office guy then asks me if I am excited for the show. I tell him I am and I came from Nashville. Blah, blah. He asks how many tickets I need. Two. He tells me he has two available. I want to know where they are and he points to a general area on the map in the center section. Definitely not obstructed and definitely not loge. He tells me they are good. At this point I am pretty inclined to believe him. Seconds later, I walk away with 2nd row DEAD center. My friends are now in the 7th row and I upgraded my seats :) I consider myself pretty lucky to have even had the 7th row seats, but to end up in the 2nd row was a compete surprise. Oh, and it was broadcast on Fuse. The only reason I am sharing this is because I think it is quite funny that I was on TV.

I haven't seen the entire show, but I do know that I am in this video around the 2 minute 34 second mark. I am singing like I wrote the song, so please forgive me ;)