Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'm So Lonely...

It's happened. I have turned into that girl who got a little lonely and a tad depressed because her boyfriend was out of town. I thought I would NEVER be like that. So it started when I got home Tuesday night and had the place to myself. If Zach had been in town I would have been over at his place. He called about 10:20 and we talked for more then 20 minutes on the phone about our days. (He calls me every night when he stops for the evening.) I really didn't want the phone call to end. About an hour later I was really missing him a lot so I sent him a text letting him know. He then sent me back the cutest text and of course I was missing him still. I went to bed and just did not feel like getting up in the morning. So I slept in until about 11 AM. I got up and played dress up (my version of trying on all the clothes in my closet to see how they fit or don't fit). Then thank god a friend called and I met her up for lunch and we went to the mall. I think I was just alone for the first time for a good period of time when I normally would have been with him and it was a little hard. I told him about it last night and of course he told me not to do that/or feel that way and I know I shouldn't. It also sounds like he had a pretty lonely day on Hwy 1 in Canada. He saw lots of wildlife in the ROAD. He has also changed his itinerary. He is no longer riding to Prudhoe Bay. Instead he will spend a few days riding around Alaska. He told me he never wants to go on a trip like this by himself. Ah, I miss him so much, but on the upside it looks like he might be home 3 days early!!!

I know this really wasn't a weight loss related post, but I just needed to get it out that I really miss him and it hasn't even been a week. I still have a little over a week before he comes back if he comes back early

Monday, July 02, 2007


I lost 2 lbs this week!!!!!


School work is calling

Sunday, July 01, 2007


I have no clue what the scale will say tomorrow, but I did have a successful weekend! I drove up Saturday morning to Indianapolis to see my beloved John Mayer. It was well worth the 4+ hour drive for the show and to hang with one of my good friends. I went to the grocery store the night before and bought snacks. Not the healiest items, but at least I was prepared. I took light pringles, mini teddy grahams, apples, and a little trail mix. This is the huge accomplishment for the weekend: I stayed within my points range yesterday AND today AND I excercised each day! Yesterday I got up early and went on a 40 minute walk in the neighborhood. Today I word my gym clothes so I didn't even need to come home when I got back to town. I drove straight to the gym and worked out for a good hour and a half. I ate out yesterday too! I got a greek salad, dressing on the side and french onion soup. I should have said no cheese, but it was so yummy and worth the points!

I weigh in tomorrow so look for another update.