Thursday, March 12, 2009

Since Everyone Is Doing It

Since everyone is doing it, I bought Jillian's 30 Day Shred at target tonight. I am still mad at her for how she treated her team in this past episode of the Biggest Loser.

P.S. I am so excited for my 5 days of music overload in SXSW. Tuesday can not get here soon enough!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Listening to the Hunger

Since February 2 my eating and activity habits have drastically changed for the better. I had my last diet coke on February 1 at a Super Bowl Party. Oh and I don't drink coffee either. I also started again with my boot camp class at 5 AM on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays. I have also been going to the gym at work anywhere from 2-4 days a week and walking on the treadmill. Also, I have been trying to get to the gym on Tuesday and Thursdays in the evening.

And then for Lent I gave up sweets. I realize I like something sweet in the evening. I am not sure if it just became a habit or if it was something I actually craved. But I totally faltered today. The worst part is I didn't even realize it until the cookie was gone. I had a double chocolate chip cookie at lunch. I am not going to lie it was good, but I felt some major guilt afterword. I ate it, I need to move on. The fact that I ate the cookie doesn't cancel the fact that I have said no to countless other sweets like granola bars with chocolate chips, Easter Candy, Oreos, and Ice Cream during the past two weeks. Turning down all the food is a major accomplishment in my book. And I know I will be fine even with this one set back.

Also, I have no been tracking any sore of points whatsoever. I have eaten out quite frequently over the past month and a half as well. I have not limited what I can eat, I have just chosen foods I like which happen to be healthy as well. Oh and I have had a few beers with a couple of meals. Two beers now and I am feeling really good. No more Jack and Diet Cokes for me either.

So I feel I have been doing a pretty darn good job of listening to my body and when it tells me I am hungry and what I want. While I am sure there are ways I could cut calories, I am perfectly fine with how I am eating right now. I think the weight might be coming off a little slower, but it's working for me. My arms look better, my legs look better, and I feel better all around.

I mean I am looking pretty good if I do say so myself ;) That's my best friend on the right. We went on an 11.2 mile hike last Saturday!


As far as Chicago boy we are still talking. However, I have demoted him to just a friend for now. Thank you all for your comments I LOVE them all!

Monday, March 09, 2009

The Funk

I know why I have been in a funk the past week. It's the Chicago boy. I have a feeling things are running it's course and neither one of us has mentioned it to the other. It's silly because we were never officially anything, but 3 months of almost daily e-mailing is a lot. Part of me me wonders if I am like Marie and I somehow jinxed things by telling others about him. And part of me knows that is silly. I cried a little today. Not so much about him, but about the fact that I seem to suck at relationships with the opposite sex.

If it wasn't for my Lenten promise I would probably be drowning my sorrows in my favorite Easter candy. Isn't that funny how I can keep a commitment to God about food, but I have hard time committing to myself? That's all for now.