Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Little Embarrassed

So I went to the gym around 8:30 AM this morning. I don't think I have been to the gym this earlier on a Saturday morning. As I was driving in I was thinking about the person I was before I started dating the ex. I was going to the gym at 5 AM in the morning. I was getting up earlier on the weekends to go to the gym and do other things. When we started dating, that pretty much stopped. I mean watching a movie at 9:30 PM and one person (me) falling asleep isn't exactly a good time. It made me a little sad thinking about all of this. I have changed my gym schedule a little bit now. No early mornings for me any more. I try to go during lunch or later at night. It just works better with my schedule right now.

So back to the gym this morning. I am walking in and I see this guy (My nickname for him is Meathead, but only in mind) who I would see every morning at 5 AM in the weight area. I put my stuff in a cubby and he walks in the other direction. Phew. I avoided him. Or at least I thought. I guess I was a little embarrassed that I feel like I have "let myself go." I really need to get over that whole feeling. I stopped working out for a bit and I know it could have been a lot worse. So I start walking towards the weight area and Meathead slows down and stops right in front of me, turns around, and says "Where have you been!?" I then proceed to tell him about boyfriend/ex-boyfriend/grad school. I found myself defending my behavior to a total stranger. He tells me is glad to see me back. I quickly walk off and stretch and then go to the weight area to start my squats and dead lifts (great for the butt and thighs!). He is over there as well. About 20 minutes later he comes over and tells me that I am in a zone. Really I am not. I am doing my workout, but I could probably tell you what every guy was doing in the weight area. He then introduces himself as Steve. So Meathead now has a name. We're personal. He tells me again he is glad to see I am back and wondered where I went because I was so intense about my workouts. Me intense?!? Whoah.

Ok so a couple of observations from this workout.
1. Someone noticed I was gone.
2. Someone said I was intense about my workouts.
3. I really miss weight training and I am SO glad to have started back.

Please pray for my trainer at home in WV. I saw him the Friday after Thanksgiving and he was in the hospital that Monday in critical care. He is having some gallbladder problems and isn't out of the woods yet.

Monday, November 26, 2007

A thought

Today was a crazy day. I really can't get into all the details right now, but this afternoon I really felt like my head was spinning and I was borderline manic. It was a surreal feeling.

Anyway, think about this:

"Ideas wither and die without action. Get involved."

Sunday, November 25, 2007

So Thankful

I had a nice Thanksgiving at home. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have no homework to do. I got in Wednesday around 6 and met some friends up at 9 for a few drinks and then went downtown to meet another friend. Thursday was spent with the family. I did go on an awesome 1 hour run around the neighborhood.

Friday I went to the gym and worked out with my beloved trainer. We did squats, clean/jerk/press, bench presses, and dead lifts. I haven't seen him in almost a year. It was so nice to work out with him again and see where I am at. Now I can really start getting back into the gym like I did previously. Later that afternoon my mom and I went shopping. That night I went over to a friends house.

I spent most of Saturday doing homework. SO not fun at all. I will be really glad when my MBA is finished.

And today I drove home. However, I stopped in Lexington and had lunch with the lovely Krissie at COSI.

I have been doing homework since I got home and I am so tired. I am sorry for the boring update. Hopefully things will liven up a bit this week.