Monday, June 28, 2010

Good Times You Have Done It Again

Yes, I am suffering from a bit of post-vacation blues. But how can that be? I only went to Indiana you say. Yes I only went to Indiana, but it was totally my friends who made the trip. All I can say is I know some pretty amazing people.

So instead of a verbal recap, how a bout a pictorial narative?

Esther had one full day in Nashville. I think we made the most of it. At least I hope we did. Ryman tour. Walking around downtown. Whiskey Kitchen for lunch. The Mall. Patterson House for drinky drinks.

We're going to start a band!

We road tripped to Indiana to see the Dave Matthews Band at Deer Creek x2.

There was an almost 2 hour delay night 1 due to thunder/lightning/rain. That also made for the most miserable night of sleep ever. I think it ranks right up there with my first hiking trip in Italy where I ruined my thermarest the first time I ever used it...

And I apologize for the crappiness of this picture, because I may have had a few drinks at this point, but I think you get the gist about what would soon be upon us.

FINALLY the show!

I got to hang out with DMBNikki all weekend too!

I made Esther try all sorts of fried goodies like deep fried oreos...

And then I spent all day Sunday and Monday with Esther and Bobbo in Indianapolis. We did fun things like watch World Cup Soccer, play Rockband, go to the museum, sleep, and eat breakfast.

And what a weekend it was!

PS Somehow I didn't realize that Deer Creek Night 1 and 2 were shows 92 and 93 for me. I thought I was still in the 80's...It's a little scary and cool that 100 is so close!