Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm Here, I'm Here!

Ok, so tonight I just finished my second week of the 5 week term. I only have one class, but it meets twice a week and it is KICKING my butt. This class is not conducive at al to my typical wait until the last two weeks of class and do my work strategy. I have been doing HW for what seems like the past 4 days/nights. It's a negotiations class and I have to prepare pre-negotiation documents as well as post analysis, PLUS additional assignments. We negotiate every class. I am learning a lot, but it is intense. In other school related news, I am working on a business plan for a social entrepreneurship project creating a low income, green house for South Africa.

So kickball season ended last week, we lost in the first round :(

I have been keeping myself busy hanging out with friends.

I saw the Smashing Pumpkins on Sunday night. It was awesome. I did however drink a little too much beer.

My eating has been awful. I haven't really had trouble with portion control, I just haven't been picking the best things. Like I have had 2 HUGE lemon poppy-seed muffins this week.

I have made it to the gym Monday (twice), Tuesday, and today. I also had my final fitness assessment on Monday. Over the 8 weeks I have lost 6 lbs, a few inches off my waist, and improved my flexibility! I just need to stick with it now! I think the motivation that my pants I bought last year fit again is great motivation!

I have got a busy weekend of HW, dinners with friends, hanging out with my little, and gym time. 2.5 day work week and then I am heading home to WV for Thanksgiving!