Thursday, March 11, 2004

I went back to the trainer yesterday for our third meeting. Hopefully we will be able to squeeze one in tomorrow before I leave. I have amazing leg strength! I guess that is the one part of my body that has some strength. We worked out with weights for a little over an hour. Basically he has helped me gain the confidence I need to go back to school and use the same machines at school. I am pretty lucky that the machines at the gym here are the same ones at school! I did a whole bunch of different excercises, but I am not going to bore you with all the details. He has stressed temporary muscle fatigue. It is good to puch your muscles. If you can only do 3 reps at a certain weight that is ok, do the 3 and lower the weight. Our muscles need to be challenged. If you can do 10 reps easily then that is not doing anything. He also told me numerous times that muscles don't know the difference between 10 or say 5. They just need to be worked! Two of my favorite excercises are crunches when I use my legs as levers to provide resistance on the abs and push ups! What? Did I just say push ups? yep. I use a ball for a modified push up but they are still challenging. Of course I am sore, but that's ok =)

I went shopping with my mom yesterday. At target I got a new pair of work out pants and a polo shirt. I also tried on a pair of 19 jeans. Almost there. I could zip them up, but they could fit better. So we went to Lazurus. I bought a pair of 18 Womens Tommy jeans! We headed to Old Navy. I tried on this pair capris that had a really cute belt in a size 20. They fit too! Of course I can still lose some more and they will fit better, so hopefully by Memphis in May they will fit better! My mom was going to pay full price 32.50 for them because of the progress I had made. That is unheard of, she pays full price for nothing! We get up to the register and they rang up 22.50! Wahoo.

It will be good to get back to school to get back onto my schedule. The past 2 weeks have kind of thrown my weight loss plan for a loop.

Monday, March 08, 2004

I am fat and flexible. Well, at least according to the trainer I have been working with this week. I guess those two things words aren’t supposed to go together. Usually the heavier people get the more sedentary they become. I guess I have always been heavy and that hasn’t stopped me from being active. On teams I have played basketball (8-12 grade), tennis (8-9), volleyball (9), Soccer (12), and I have also skied. So I have tried to remain pretty active no matter what weight I have weighed and I guess in some ways it has paid off in my flexibility.

So I have a personal trainer for this week while I am home on spring break. Don is awesome! He is a lot older then someone I would think I would want to go to, but he knows what he is talking about. He feels that diet can account for upwards of 60% of the total picture of weight loss, 30% weight training, and 10% aerobic exercise. SO, I will be changing my routine up a little bit. Don says I need to eat more protein to build more muscle mass. I plan on increasing my weight training once I get back to school. Probably 45 minutes- hour and do less cardio.

Let me tell you, my body is sore right now, but it is a good sore. I know my muscles have been worked well and I will have another workout on Wednesday morning. I am doing my weight training at the Nautilus and cardio at the Y. After my weight training session I debated about going home, but then somehow I was on my way to the Y! Where is the old Sarah who would have gone straight home???? Gone, hopefully for good.

Food wise, it has been difficult. I have been journaling. But dinners have been awful points wise the past few days. Pizza for dinner tonight, but I really want it so I am not going to deprive myself a piece. I will probably do more cardio tomorrow and then weight training on Wednesday.