Monday, April 16, 2012

Show Review: Sara Bareilles with the Collective 4.15.12 Nashville, TN

I'm a little behind and need to play catch up (ie. Mumford & Sons, Fanfarlo, and The Head and the Heart...), but this show was just so different I needed to share it now.

Why was this show different? Because it was actually a part of my job. I don't write a whole lot about my work, but it centers around events. All different kinds of events. Some high profile. Some not so much. As I was thinking about it, I have been employed by the same place for 7 (SEVEN!!!) years. This is pretty rare, I get that. There have been ups. And there have been downs. But the stars aligned and my department was finally able to act as not only the venue, but the promoter. It was an amazing experience. I learned a lot. Met some great people, reconnected with old friends, and just had a good time. Last night was something I've wanted for not only myself, but also my co-workers and the students I work with on a daily basis. It was such a rewarding experience to put on a show that people were truly excited about. It's my hope that this will become a more regular occurrence.

Apparently, I put together a pretty rockin' gift basket. How do I know this? Sara Bareilles asked who put it together and said it was one of the best gifts she had ever received and thanked me personally.
Some of Nashville's Best:
A T-shirt from Imogene + Willie. 
A travel kit from Thistle Farms.
Various Olive and Sinclair Southern Artisan Chocolates.
A few different types of toffee from Nashville Toffee Company.
Handmade gourmet marshmallows from The Bang Candy Company.
A notebook from Hatch Show Print, as well as the Hatch we had made for the show.
A few Spirit of Nashville Art Deco Style postcards.
A copy of the current Nashville Lifestyles Magazine.
A copy of Garden and Gun.
She gave me another hug on the way out thanking me again. She probably won't remember me, but hopefully she will have good memories of her show in Nashville.

The Collective opened and if you have heard of the show The Sing Off, they were on it last season. They were amazing and I couldn't have picked a better opener. A great group of people and so much fun. I wasn't able to grab a picture, but I did find this You Tube video from the show.

I also got to see one of my good friends Erin, who just moved back to Nashville to start an artist management company. She's going to be big time.

I have to say one of the highlights for me was seeing so many alums come to this show and who were also a part of this show. We are all in our mid-to late 20's now, I can't wait to see the face of Nashville in 5+ years!

The meet and greet. Official non-crappy picture to come later.

Holy Moly the CROWD! This exceeded my wildest dreams.


Sara opened the show with her song Gravity. I've seen a lot of shows in my time. The crowd was so quite and Sara KILLED it. Like I had goosebumps. And the sound was great! After hearing her perform this song, I wanted to download everything she's ever done.

I didn't get to see the whole show, but from what I understand the encore was pretty awesome.

I am so glad that I will be able to look back on the past few months and weeks leading up to this show and the actual show itself and smile. We did it. We really did it.

So do you listen to Sara Bareilles?