Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's Business Time....

Ah yeah. That's right at 10:55 AM tomorrow I will be leaving Nashville on my first flight. I will arrive in DC, wait a few hours and catch a 17 hour flight(OH MY GOD, how am I going survive seventeen freaking hours on a plane????????) to Johannesburg. After that flight I catch a much shorter flight to Cape Town.

I AM SO FREAKIN EXCITED about this trip :)

I will have tons of video and pictures on my return. I get back on November 4 and then I have a Smashing Pumpkins concert on November 5th :) Oh and I just booked my flight to go visit my best friend in NYC in December :)!!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Body Mass Index

I am pretty sure we have all heard of the body mass index. According to the Wikipedia page it was invented between 1830 and 1850. An individual's BMI should be between 18-25. According to the BMI I am overweight. I am 6ft tall and around 195 right now. That puts me at about 7 lbs overweight.

Do I really look overweight here? You don't need to answer!

My friend M (love you girl and I am SO proud of you), posted this link on her blog about a photo essay on flickr depicting various pictures of people, their height, weight, and BMI. It's amazing to look at who is overweight, underweight, obese, and average. I highly suggest you take a look here and look through all 111 pictures, not just the ones at the beginning.