Saturday, July 08, 2006

So I have finished 3 days on this new diet plan. I have had to make a few exceptions though. I still have been eating 1/2 cup of Kashi cereal in the morning. Hopefully, I will soon be able to replace that with popcorn from my new yummy popcorn maker once it gets here! I also have been eating small amounts of dairy. I already have the cheese and I am not going to let it go to waster. There is also some milk in the fridge too. I am not a big milk drinker. But if I eat oatmeal, I need a little splash. The office went out to lunch on Thursday and I did very good excpet for the cheese on my salad and the little amount of dressing I used. I didn't touch a roll either! That is huge! I went out to dinner at Pei Wei last night and ordered brown rice, broccoli and chicken. There was sauce on it that I am pretty sure is not on my plan. However, I saw people order just steam veggies and brown rice!!! That excited me so much because it is not on the menu. I will be doing that on Monday when I go there for lunch with some of my co-workers. On Tuesday, I have another office lunch at Logan's. This should prove to be a bit more difficult because Logan's has a bucket of peanuts on the table AND yummy rolls. Tonight will be difficult as well. I am going to a concert at the coloseium starting at 4:30 and we all know colosium food is oh so healthy. I am also taking the day off from the gym. I haven't decided if I will be working out tomorrow.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

So I am finished with day 2 of healthier eating. I basically have been eating fresh, non-processed foods. I will be starting a more strict diet as soon as I get all the info. Which I just got. Here is a run down of it:


High fructose corn syrup

Dairy cheeses and milk, it is ok to have goat cheese



Regular potatoes

Regular salad dressing, but you can have balsalmic vinegrette


Can have:

Red Potatoes and russet potatoes

All fruit

All veggies

All beans except red beans

EVOO, uses smart balance butter substitute

Brown rice

Dark Chocolate, the darker the better

Try to eat 5-6 meals a day, trying to keep the glycemic index low

Limit alcohol intake

Can have diet coke

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I am finally below 200. I thought it would never get here. I have actually been under 200 for the past month or so. My lowest being 196 last monday. Today I was 199. I would really like to lose a little bit more weight by my birthday in September. I am not going to set an X amount by such and such a date because I never meet those types of goals. I just need accountability and I am returning to my trusty blog who has been sidelined for so many months. One of my friends is doing something very similar to a mediterranean diet. He is going to send me the info. Basically no high fructose syrup, bread, butter, or processed foods. Can I hang? I am not so sure, but I can give it a try. I would relly like to try to cut the processed foods out of my diet. I eat too many of them. 100 cal packs might seem like a good idea at first, always leave me wanting more. Plus they are so damn expensive.

Right now my new favorite food is pistachios. I haven't been to the gym since Thursday and I am not going tomorrow because it will be closed. I am going to get up early and go on Wednesday morning. I will also go to aerobics during lunch.

Not sure what I have planned for tomorrow. If it is nice, I will go to the pool. Happy 4th of July!