Friday, September 05, 2008

Purses Rock!

So I finally made the switch to my new purse last night. Technically I should have wait until the 28th, since it was a birthday present. But, I wanted to look stylish for a date last night and I am retiring my Coach bag and giving it to my nail lady who loves it.

Here it is:

But I got it in black patent leather and I am in LUVR. So I could have had a new dresser from Ikea or the purse...I chose the purse :) A big thank you to my mom who bought me the purse when I was in Seattle. She has fabulous taste! She originally wanted to get this purse when we were in Minneapolis, but decided against it. In the meantime I decided I really wanted it :)

Since this is somewhat of a weight loss blog, let me talk about boot camp this morning. First of all the class was HUGE. I was again split into the more "advance" group. We ran A LOT all while caring a 6.5 pound medicine ball. I never thought 6.5 pounds could be so heavy (added motivation when thinking about carrying those 6.5 pounds around on my actual body as fat).

Boot camp guy who wore a "Boot Camp" t-shirt made me laugh. He was trying to keep up with the younger guys and thus he skimped on his own workout. Oh and I lapped him...TWICE!

Date tonight with the guy I really like and went out with last week! Yeah!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Humidity please go away

Today was the first day of training for my 5k. I was split into the more experienced group. Ha! It was also ridiculously humid at 5 AM. The exercises they had us doing weren't anything unbearable, it was just the humidity. Oh. My. God. The humidity. My entire shirt was drenched in sweat. Fall hurry, please get here ASAP.

Yesterday I went out to lunch with my co-workers. I vetoed Mexican flat out. I said I wouldn't go and just stay and eat my salad. It's not that I don't have any self control, it's just I feel sick every time I eat there. So we went to a chicken place instead. I got a salad with grilled chicken. The waitress even commented that I was being "good". Later in the afternoon a co-worker came into my office and cried. She has gained 50 lbs in the past 7 years. She used to be a college athlete, but doesn't exercise and eats crap now. I offered suggestions and support for like the gazillionth time, but I have a feeling it is going to be like all the other times. I am not sure, but something just has to click to make conscious change about diet and exercise. It all clicked for me (but I occasionally still stumble). Weighing 303 at age 21 certainly got me going.

Did any of you guys have an ah ha moment where everything just clicked?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

LeRoi Moore Article

Here is a link to the article about LeRoi Moore: "'Tortured,' shining Moore remembered by Dave"

Things To Be Happy About

I am wearing a size 10 Michael Kors white (who says you can't wear white after Labor Day?) eyelet dress that cost me (well my mom) $29.


Good early morning workouts.

Training for a 5k. What me? I think I found the perfect first 5k to run: The Christie Cookie 5k. A race that gives away cookies for each kilometer? Sign me up!

A date with a cute boy that could possibly turn into a second date. And having the confidence that if there is no second date I will be ok.

Taylor Swift and Panic at The Disco. I became hooked this weekend.

Wheel--> I Haven't Found What I am Looking For-->Wheel. I have been chasing this song for a while. FINALLY I heard it live on Friday with a 2+ hour show to boot.

Party Planning. Mexican Fiesta in a few weeks at my new place!

Happy Tuesday!