Friday, September 05, 2008

Purses Rock!

So I finally made the switch to my new purse last night. Technically I should have wait until the 28th, since it was a birthday present. But, I wanted to look stylish for a date last night and I am retiring my Coach bag and giving it to my nail lady who loves it.

Here it is:

But I got it in black patent leather and I am in LUVR. So I could have had a new dresser from Ikea or the purse...I chose the purse :) A big thank you to my mom who bought me the purse when I was in Seattle. She has fabulous taste! She originally wanted to get this purse when we were in Minneapolis, but decided against it. In the meantime I decided I really wanted it :)

Since this is somewhat of a weight loss blog, let me talk about boot camp this morning. First of all the class was HUGE. I was again split into the more "advance" group. We ran A LOT all while caring a 6.5 pound medicine ball. I never thought 6.5 pounds could be so heavy (added motivation when thinking about carrying those 6.5 pounds around on my actual body as fat).

Boot camp guy who wore a "Boot Camp" t-shirt made me laugh. He was trying to keep up with the younger guys and thus he skimped on his own workout. Oh and I lapped him...TWICE!

Date tonight with the guy I really like and went out with last week! Yeah!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Nikki said...

yay for coming to Cincy next month!

Amanda said...

i miss you!!!

cute bag!

GatorGirl said...

Gorgeous purse.

/purse jealousy

- Typical Blog Stalker