Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Things To Be Happy About

I am wearing a size 10 Michael Kors white (who says you can't wear white after Labor Day?) eyelet dress that cost me (well my mom) $29.


Good early morning workouts.

Training for a 5k. What me? I think I found the perfect first 5k to run: The Christie Cookie 5k. A race that gives away cookies for each kilometer? Sign me up!

A date with a cute boy that could possibly turn into a second date. And having the confidence that if there is no second date I will be ok.

Taylor Swift and Panic at The Disco. I became hooked this weekend.

Wheel--> I Haven't Found What I am Looking For-->Wheel. I have been chasing this song for a while. FINALLY I heard it live on Friday with a 2+ hour show to boot.

Party Planning. Mexican Fiesta in a few weeks at my new place!

Happy Tuesday!

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