Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Race

So I was pretty much a jumble of nerves this morning, only because I had never done anything like this before. So I park at my friend's condo which was a few blocks away from the start. I walk down to the starting area and of course I have to pee because that's what happens when I am nervous. A friend of mine from gym class, who we have been meaning to exchange contact info, was the one who suggest I run. Of course this was earlier in the week like Monday are Wednesday. I decide on Thursday I would run and we had planned on bringing our business cards on Friday. She wasn't in class. Ok, well I had paid my race fee so I was doing this thing. This morning I was standing around and I ran into a girl I went to grad school with. She has done a few races before, so I was pretty much at ease by this point. We basically stood around the start for 10 minutes and then all of the sudden we were off and my music was going. I actually put together a pretty good play list. You know, since I am not a seasoned runner by any means I don't have practice at this sort of thing.

Umm it was hot.

And slightly hilly, well more of a gradually incline (and decline too!)

And did I mention it was hot for 7:30 AM?

I didn't realize how much warmer it is at 7:30 AM than at 5 AM. So I was running along and my two goals were to not walk and to finish under 30 minutes. I knew I could do the no walking thing but I was unsure about the 30 minute thing. Usually when I run in boot camp the distance and time is never measured. We just run.

So here's the playlist:

Picture 1

About 100 yards before the finish, Play Your Part (Part 1) by Girl Talk came on and it was perfect. (I highly suggest listening to Girl Talk if you run.) I was able to pick up my pace for the last part.

And so I finished at some point in the 28 minute mark! I am not really sure what my exact time is yet because I was so excited to see 28 minutes that the seconds didn't really matter.

Oh and another thing. I wore shorts. In public. This is huge people.

I am off to breakfast with some friends.

Friday, August 07, 2009

You've Got To Start Somewhere

So I signed up to run a 5k yesterday that just so happens to be tomorrow. It will be the first "race" I have ever participated in. I am a little nervous. A little might be an understatement. I think the biggest thing is that I have not ran 3 miles straight in at least a month. It should be interesting. Plus it is going to be HOT. I would like to use my time tomorrow just to see where I stand. Possibly improve later on?


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Laughter Does the Body Good

Even with squinty eyes I love this picture of DMBNikki and I from this past week. I want to laugh like that all the time!


Monday, August 03, 2009

Where Has the Summer Gone?

So I really need to make a to do list of blog topics. It mainly include finishing up the Europe posts. I could blog about my Wisconsin trip, but that was for DMB and involved shows and lots of drinking. This past weekend I went to Indiana for even more Dave Matthews Band shows. And for some reason it was just a really good trip. I can't really rank my summer 2009 DMB trips because they have all been so different and I have loved them all. But I think a lot of the greatness of these shows this past weekend had to do with the fact that it was relatively stress free. I didn't have to worry about driving anywhere before/after the show. I didn't worry about seats. And I just didn't worry in general. And a lot of it had to do with some of the friends I haven't seen in a few years. The friends I met back in 2002. While 2002 probably means nothing to you, it means a lot to me. The summer of '02 was one of those summers every young person should experience. No job. 20+ DMB shows all over the country ending with front row at the Gorge for Dreaming Tree and Halloween. This a topic well deserving of a follow up post.

I laughed a lot this weekend and it was good.

I have no trips planned right now at all. Of course, who knows how long that will last. The only thing on the horizon is my mom's visit over Labor Day weekend.

After a month off I am back at my morning boot camp class. I have missed it. More than I thought I would.