Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tomorrow I Will be in Another Time Zone!

That's right folks. Tomorrow I am flying to Seattle after work! I am actually leaving a little early since I have a 5 PM flight. I will work probably all of 2 hours tomorrow because I have a meeting that runs through lunch. I am only taking 2 vacation days since I get Good Friday off. I will get back to Nashville at Midnight on Monday night. This is going to be a quick trip. I wish it were going to be a little longer though.

Thursday I get to have lunch with the Amazing Anna! I am SO excited! We have never met before, but I feel like she is my long lost sister. We actually have a mutual friend and I think we were both at her wedding, but we didn't know it until years later. Crazy!

Friday I get to see my bestie from UW (University of Washington for you know Northwest or Pac 10 folk). I plan on eating lots of yummy foods with her and laughing until my stomach hurts and doing it all over again. Oh and I plan to do some shopping at the Nordstrom Rack :)

Saturday I am heading to Portland (well Corbett, OR, but close enough) to see my cousins AND I am going to make my cousin take me to the high school he is the principal of because scene of TWILIGHT were shot there :)

Sunday I will be eating my Aunt's famous silver dollar pancakes. I will head to Yelm for Easter lunch/dinner at my Grandma's.

Monday my flight doesn't leave until the afternoon, so I will have the morning to play around. Of course all plans are subject to changed :)

Maybe I will get lucky and see a sunrise like this again:

Picture 091

Have a great Easter Weekend!

PS I am SO looking forward to some Cadbury mini eggs (not cream eggs, mini eggs)! If you see some in dark chocolate, do yourself a favor and BUY them. You can thank me later :)

Monday, April 06, 2009

1 Pound

After weighing myself this morning. I found myself with only a 1 pound loss. Only one pound I thought? Then I quickly snapped out of that mindset and realized "1 pound loss? That is awesome! 4 sticks of butter!" After yo-yo-ing with the same 10 lbs or so for the past 7 months or so, I am finally seeing some results. All of which were jump started by a trip to Austin where I ate lots and lots of Tex-mex and consumed more alcohol than normal? I am not quite sure how this happened, but I am thankful it did and I am going to keep on chugging along. 1 pound is great considering I ate 7 meals out last week all towards the end of the week. They included 1 trip to a Mexican joint where I ate my fair share of chips, my favorite upscale American place in town that has a pasta made with more cream and butter than I probably should consume, 2 trips to Pei Wei, the cheesecake factory! (hello lots and lots of bread and a BBQ chicken salad that was SO yummy!), dinner one night at Panera, and one other place where I got a scoop of chicken salad on greens and fresh fruit. So yeah. I pretty much ate out a lot during the last part of the week. I did however keep exercising. I went to the gym everyday except Sunday. I still got some exercise in though. I walked the 40 minutes to my office because I needed to catch up on some things and then met a friend for lunch. I also played tennis later in the afternoon.

So 1 pound, I'll take it. 180's I am coming after YOU!