Monday, March 12, 2012

Race Recap: Tom King Half Marathon 3/10/12 Nashville, TN

Why hello there! I am still here. After a 3 straight weekends of travel I am back in Nashville for a while and I am here to stay. I am looking forward to some wonderful spring weekends spent with my wonderful friends and likely a few Sunday long runs.

I am not really sure why I signed up to run the Tom King Half Marathon, especially given my social calendar. January was rocking in terms of exercise, training, and eating. But isn't everyone's January the best month of the year in those regards?

Being out of town for 3 weekends straight really put a damper on my training schedule. For serious. I only went on one long training run where I needed a Gu. FAIL. I had a few 12 mile training run days split between morning and night runs. Whoever said those could substitute for long runs? I don't think it works, at least for me. Also, I don't suggest staying out 4 nights in a row past midnight (and drinking) before a race. While there were completely worthy reasons for staying out and it was so much fun, it probably wasn't the kindest thing I could do to my body. Like the time before I ate an entire pizza and pint of ice cream the night before a half marathon, I wasn't sure what affect it would have on my body...


Really hard.

I learned that running a half marathon that you have quasi-trained for is much harder than running a full marathon you have really trained for. Go figure! Lesson learned.

Miles 1-7 were pretty easy. Miles 8-10 were probably my slowest miles. 11 and 12 were much easier because I knew I would see the East Nasty water stop at mile 12. The last mile of any race just kind of sucks and you want it over.

1:55:41. Not my best. Not my worst and certainly better than my first.

No pictures and I'm ok with that. I am sure when they appear they will not be suitable for viewing by young children.

Oh and I signed up to run the Marine Corps Marathon in DC in October!