Monday, September 26, 2011

Race Recap: Nashville Women's Half Marathon 9.24.11

Since signing up this half marathon I have been thinking of it as a supported training run and not an actual race. So I didn't have any pre-race jitters when I went to pick up my packet or Friday night. It was kind of a nice feeling. I met a few friends for happy hour Friday after work and didn't drink at all. By the time I left I realized I still needed to get dinner. My options were either take out or a quick trip to the grocery store. I went with the grocery store and opted for a frozen BBQ chicken pizza. I came home heated it up and proceeded to eat the whole thing. And since I still wasn't satisfied I topped it off with a pint of Greater's Chocolate Chocolate Chip. You know, a nice healthy pre-race meal. Riiiiiiiight.

I ended staying up later than I would have liked and wasn't in bed until after 11.  5 AM came pretty early and I was out the door pretty quickly to pick up my friend Christy who I have been training with for Chicago. She originally wasn't going to run this race, but she found a discounted bib and she was in! We met up with more friends downtown and before we knew it, the race was about to start. The weather was pretty close to perfect. It was chilly, but not too chilly.

Christy and I decided we were going to use this race to help us prepare for Chicago. We both got new running belts at the expo and we wanted to test them out. Also, during our long runs we usually stop a few times depending on the length of the run and I don't plan on doing this in Chicago, well at least not to the degree that we do on the long training runs. Christy and I have a very similar pace so we decided to attempt to start our slow and get  faster. For the most part it worked, we will probably need to start slower in Chicago though.

The course was hilly. But there were a fair amount of spectators out there so despite the hills it was nice to see people out, including a bunch of friends.

On Belmont Blvd, which is uphill both ways, or at least it feels like that, my friends Chelsea and her fiance Isaac were cheering and taking pictures. (photo by Chelsea)

So excited to see Chelsea and Isaac!
WHM 2011 1

The course wasn't my favorite but the weather was great! Christy even PR'd and I am so proud of her!

A few of my East Nasties after the race

WHM 2011 2

My official finishing time

Picture 6

My splits

Picture 1

My Garmin, as well as lots of other people's, measured the course longer than 13.1. I understand that courses are measured from the shortest possible route on the course, but I didn't do a whole lot of weaving, so .15 longer seems a bit off to me. Overall it was still a great race and I love my new Lululemon East Nasty shirt.


The Blonde Mule said...

Congrats, again! God, you're fast, haha! I've heard nothing but negative feedback on this race, both last year & this year. They really need to listen to their runners & alter the course. Anyway! Hopefully I'll be joining you in half marathons soon. Hopefully...

Great job! See you Wednesday!

Sarah said...

Yeah I am not sure I would run it again if it didn't fall into a training plan for something else. Even then it is an expensive race to use for a training run. But the hills in this town are ridiculous!

See you Wednesdays! And you will be running half marathons before you know it!

Jessie said...

That's a great pace, I ran it too - the hilliest shit of my life. I finished in 2:07 and I'm good for that time. Congratulations, home girl!