Thursday, September 29, 2011


My birthday was yesterday and it was pretty perfect.

I started the day with a McDonald's Diet Coke. $1.09 well spent. McDonald's has the best Diet Coke.

Lunch was spent with a few of my co-workers at the Pancake Pantry where I ordered my favorite, raspberry delight pancakes.

The day flew by and before I knew it, it was time to go run with East Nasty.

My friend Lanie picked me up (so I didn't have to drive!).

The run was the shortest route we run which was perfect timing. I only needed to run 3 miles.

After the run, I headed to 3 Crow Bar with friends for a few pre-dinner beers where we laughed and talked about Chicago Marathon stuff.

For dinner, we went to the new 5 Points Pizza. I loved it. My only complaint was that it is not the best for groups. Granted we were a huge group that would be hard to accommodate at most restaurants, but I would say no more than 8 in a group tops. So we were split between 4 tables.

My marathon training buddy Bernadette. PBR Tallboys go great with pizza.


What do 3 people in training for a marathon and 1 person training for a 50K (that's not a typo) trail run order? Garlic knots, 2 large pizzas and 2 slices. (Garlic knots and 2 slices not shown)


After pizza it was back to 3 Crow to meet up with a few other friends where even more laughs were had.

Birthday lemon drops.

A birthday bushwacker or 2...

I don't even know. But I love the purple on both my shirts.


The 4 Musketeers

Here's to a great year!


esther said...

I've already said it but I'll say it again: VAN HARTE GEFELICITEERD! Glad you had such a great day. And you look like you're ready! Nine more days, right? I'm so excited for you :)

Sarah said...

Thank you! Yes, 9 more days! It's so close now!