Monday, October 03, 2011

Show: DJ Earworm Nashville, TN 9/30/11

I hesitate to even call this a show, but I am not really sure what else to call it. Maybe a house party?

So I am pretty sure this is the last time I will ever do anything like this again. I really am too old to be doing things like this. But on Friday night I went to see DJ Earworm. At a house. A fraternity house. The whole thing is quite comical when I look back on it. Due to my friend Jess, we were on the guest list. We were the only people on the guest list. The door boys asked us if we followed DJ Earworm around and were his groupies. Ha. No.

DJ Earworm makes these yearly mixes/mashups of the top 25ish songs of the year. They are awesome and if you listen to music when you run, I highly suggest getting them. And even if you don't run, you should still get them. I am looking forward to this year's which will have Adele and Foster the People and we heard parts of it on Friday.

You can download past years for free too!
United States of Pop 2007
Unites States of Pop 2008
United States of Pop 2009
United States of Pop 2010

My friend and I danced for a solid two hours right next to the DJ and his manager. There was more room up there, plus it was fun to watch Earworm do his thing.

I am thankful Jess wouldn't let me wear TOMS to the party, but I am thankful I switched into my Tory Birch flats instead. No foot pain for this girl! We both worried about what we were going to wear to the party. And where we tell someone we went to school if we were asked. In case you wondering a boy did ask me where I went to school and apparently I go to WVU. I think we blended in as best as we could given the situation. My beloved skinny jeans fit!!! And I wore those along with my new Anthro top with a cute pink belt that you can't see in the picture.

Earworm's manager gave us hats (and also took this picture for us!).

Earworm and his manager. Please note the plastic tarps hanging from the wall. I guess that was to protect from damages?

It was so much fun to watch him DJ. He just had one big smile on his face for most of the time.

When was the last time you went to a fraternity party???

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estjer said...

Awesome pic of the two of you! And a big YAY for fitting skinny jeans!