Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Oak Bar at the Hermitage Hotel

It's been a busy week. I didn't intend for it to be so busy. It just sort of happened. On Monday a friend sent me a text asking to come get dinner with some colleagues who were in town for a conference. A conference I normally attend. It just wasn't in the cards this year, but that was ok because there were so many other things occupying my mind and time. But I did head out to dinner. And dinner turned into a showcase, which turned into drinks, which turned into another showcase, which turned into me not going to bed until 2 AM.

The first showcase was ok. I don't really remember who played except for Josh Gracin. We decided to leave the showcase and get a drink at the Oak Bar. I was pretty excited to try the Oak Bar because I have heard nothing but great things about the place. It's sort of in a basement with wood walls, I am guessing oak? The had a Pimms Cup and I love the Pimms Cup at Patterson House so I had try it. It was good, but not as good as my favorite drink at the Patterson House.

Lauren and I at the Oak Bar

But the real gem in this bar, is the men's restroom which is located just outside the actual Oak Bar. Apparently it has even been voted Best Bathrom in America? While the art deco decor is definitely better than the majority of restrooms I've been in, I don't know that I would consider it the best. It is definitely better than the women's restroom just down the hall which is your standard hotel bathroom.

Of course we had to go look. And our friend took pictures of us.

Hopefully you all have a sense of humor. While we were posing some other people came into check out the restroom. I wonder how many men actually use that restroom? I don't often see pictures of my backside and I have hard time even believing it is me. I think I actually look somewhat normal.

And to show we can take a decent photo

Has anyone else been to the Restroom outside the Oak Bar. Are there any other famous restrooms out there? If I remember correctly, wasn't there some show on TLC about the best restrooms?

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Erica said...

My mom said we HAD to go see the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel bathroom in NYC when I was there over a decade ago. Just to see how nice it was... Apparently it is a pretty historic/famous one too!