Saturday, June 26, 2004

Today ended my 7 straight day of working out. I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow! Yesterday I did weights for 30 minutes, the treadmill for 25 minutes which included running a mile at 5.6 mph non-stop!, and 10 min on the elliptical. Today I just did crunches and an hour on the elliptical.

Last not I babysat for one of my professors. I think I made some good food choices like yogurt and cantelope. Hopefully I will lost this week =)

Yesterday when I was coming out of the gym the custodian who sees me leave from the gym pretty much every morning jokingly asked me if I ever get tired of sweating? I thought this was kind of funny because usually I am dripping in sweat. Of course if it was up to me I would no swat at all, but it's not! I just smiled at him and told him it wakes me up. He then said what am I going to do when school starts and I told him I don't have class until mid-morning, I am going to have to wake up somehow.

I need to get ready for the day. I am really craving a nice big salad!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Whoa! I have been an exercising fool this week! Yesterday I worked out not once but twice! I went in the morning and did my routing of weight training and elliptical. But in the afternoon I decided I was going to switch it up and add a aerobics class. Since I couldn't go to the step class on Monday I went to the Strength and toning class. It was a pretty good work out. I was the youngest of the 8 people there for the class. The class included step, hand weights, bands, and pilates to finish it out. It was a welcome change and the ladies were so friendly. I am planning on going back next week, but I don't think I will work out as hard in the morning as I did yesterday.

For dinner yesterday my roommate and I went to Applebees. I got the Ranch Chicken Salad or whatever it is called for 4 points off the WW menu. However, I also had Spinach and artichoke dip. I am pretty confident that I did not go over point. I do feel that the salad was not worth 7.50. It was pretty small and I can get something bigger for cheaper elsewhere or even make my own!

Today I went back to the gym and just did crunches and the elliptical. I was really craving a burger and my roommate and I wanted to try this burger place everyone raves about. Plus, I had points to spare! My cheeseburger and fries were really good while I snarfed them down, but now I don't feel so hot. I think I will cut it in half and save the rest for later next time I eat there.

After being on WW for a while I have learned that nothing is really off limits, it all depends on portion size and frequency as well as a slew of other things. I still eat things that are not considered "diet" foods, but then again I am not on a diet. I am making a lifestyle change. I have learned to listen to my body more and analyze why I eat. It is definitely a journey. A journey that will last a lifetime!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

258! That was the magic number on the scale this morning! My lowest weight while on the program. If I keep this up I will meet my goal of 250 by WPB! I think something that has helped me is moving the scale out of my bathroom and under my bed. I am less tempted to weigh myself everyday. I think it is much healthier to weigh only once a week.

I really can't believe how much weight I have lost. 42 lbs is a lot, but I still have 83 more lbs to go. So that makes me about 1/3 of the weigh there! I am so amazed. Sometimes I get mad at myself for all the junk that I ate over the years to get me to 300 lbs. I think to myself that I could be at goal by now if I had just changed earlier. But than I realize that things happen for a reason. I really don't think that a couple of years ago I was ready to make the lifestyle change that is necessary to lose weight.

I love being able to wear clothes that fit (a little tight though) last year and they fit even better this year. I wore a size 22 pair of jean on monday and they were falling off of me. I could put them on without even unzipping them! I would say that I am size 18W and 20 regular. Hopefully, I will be out of plus sizes for good!

I am off to bed. Ciao, Ciao!

Monday, June 21, 2004

Ok, well for a weekend of eating some not so great food choices, I think I did quite well. Friday and Saturday were my only trouble days and I went to the gym on Friday and walked a lot on Saturday. I also went to the gym on Sunday. MMM MMM! P.F. Changs on Saturday was amazing! It was a very nice treat! Sunday I got back on the plan and today I have been doing amazingly well! I went to the gym for 2 hours and did 40 minutes of weights, 20 minutes on the treadmill and an hour on the elliptical. Hmm, not really sure what I was thinking, but it was a great workout. This workout included running! Imagine! Me? Running? Well I did! I ran at 5.5 mph so that was a little less than an 11 minute mile. No walking just running! I don't think I have run that fast since 7th grade. I am thinking that training for some sort of road race might be fun and interesting. At least it changes my workout up a bit. I am also thinking of gitting some workout DVDs so I can do something at my apartment.

I was supposed to go to a step class today, but I had a conflict with one of my jobs. SO, I am planning on going next week and I can't wait. I also tried on my size 18 NY and Company jeans and they fit A LOT bettter then when I bought them. A few more pounds and they should fit just right =)