Tuesday, June 22, 2004

258! That was the magic number on the scale this morning! My lowest weight while on the program. If I keep this up I will meet my goal of 250 by WPB! I think something that has helped me is moving the scale out of my bathroom and under my bed. I am less tempted to weigh myself everyday. I think it is much healthier to weigh only once a week.

I really can't believe how much weight I have lost. 42 lbs is a lot, but I still have 83 more lbs to go. So that makes me about 1/3 of the weigh there! I am so amazed. Sometimes I get mad at myself for all the junk that I ate over the years to get me to 300 lbs. I think to myself that I could be at goal by now if I had just changed earlier. But than I realize that things happen for a reason. I really don't think that a couple of years ago I was ready to make the lifestyle change that is necessary to lose weight.

I love being able to wear clothes that fit (a little tight though) last year and they fit even better this year. I wore a size 22 pair of jean on monday and they were falling off of me. I could put them on without even unzipping them! I would say that I am size 18W and 20 regular. Hopefully, I will be out of plus sizes for good!

I am off to bed. Ciao, Ciao!

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