Monday, June 21, 2004

Ok, well for a weekend of eating some not so great food choices, I think I did quite well. Friday and Saturday were my only trouble days and I went to the gym on Friday and walked a lot on Saturday. I also went to the gym on Sunday. MMM MMM! P.F. Changs on Saturday was amazing! It was a very nice treat! Sunday I got back on the plan and today I have been doing amazingly well! I went to the gym for 2 hours and did 40 minutes of weights, 20 minutes on the treadmill and an hour on the elliptical. Hmm, not really sure what I was thinking, but it was a great workout. This workout included running! Imagine! Me? Running? Well I did! I ran at 5.5 mph so that was a little less than an 11 minute mile. No walking just running! I don't think I have run that fast since 7th grade. I am thinking that training for some sort of road race might be fun and interesting. At least it changes my workout up a bit. I am also thinking of gitting some workout DVDs so I can do something at my apartment.

I was supposed to go to a step class today, but I had a conflict with one of my jobs. SO, I am planning on going next week and I can't wait. I also tried on my size 18 NY and Company jeans and they fit A LOT bettter then when I bought them. A few more pounds and they should fit just right =)

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